Journey through the Pentateuch 

As we approach Easter, this is a great time to explore the foundational books of the Old Testament: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. 

  • What was God’s master plan from the beginning?
  • What is the original meaning of Passover and Pentecost? 
  • What was the nature of the covenantal relationship that God initiated with His people at Mount Sinai? 
  • What was the purpose of the sacrificial system that Jesus fulfilled through the cross?

The Bible Journey curriculum will take you in, behind, and in front of the biblical text to answer these questions, and many more. Walk in the shoes of Abraham, Jacob, and Moses through immersive videos that will transport you to the Holy Land and bring biblical stories to life. Understand the culture, history, and geography that shaped the Old Testament. Connect the original meaning of the Bible to our world today through expert teaching and insightful interviews. 

Join our Studies in the Pentateuch Learning Path to complete all 8 courses, or select a course to begin:

  • Old Testament Field Guide
  • Genesis, Part 1: Covenant Relationship Initiated
  • Genesis, Part 2: Covenant Family Established
  • Exodus, Part 1: Covenant People Rescued
  • Exodus, Part 2: Holy Calling, Holy Place
  • Leviticus, Part 1: Holy Priesthood, Holy Offerings
  • Leviticus, Part 2 and Numbers, Part 1: Holy Days, Holy People
  • Numbers, Part 2 and Deuteronomy: Looking Back, Heading Home