Defending the Reliability of the Bible

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Level: BasicNumber of Lessons: 4Avg. Length: 60 Min.Time Required: 6 Hours MinimumCEUs: .8Course Code: CA103
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Throughout history the truthfulness and accuracy of the Bible has been challenged. Is the Bible God’s revelation to humanity? Is the Bible correct in what it teaches? Does the Bible contain errors? Has the text of the Bible been preserved accurately over centuries of translation? It’s important for believers to understand the history and nature of the Bible and have confidence that what it teaches is true. In this course, we will examine the textual transmission of the Bible (i.e. how we came to receive the Bible we read today), several archaeological discoveries that support the historical accuracy of the Bible, and examples of prophetic fulfillment only the Bible can demonstrate.


  • Understand what the Bible is and how it is viewed today.
  • Provide a defense for the reliability of the Bible through evidence of its textual transmission.
  • Provide a defense for the reliability of the Bible using archaeological discoveries.
  • Provide a defense for the reliability of the Bible by pointing to prophetic fulfillment.
David Frees, MDiv and ThM
  • Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, ThM
  • Southern Seminary, MDiv

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