Biblical Integration

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Level: IntermediateNumber of Lessons: 12Avg. Length: 15 Min.Time Required: 9 Hours MinimumCourse Code: CE202
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In this course, you will learn what it means to have a biblically integrated curriculum and why biblical integration is essential to a meaningful Christian education. You will explore how a biblical worldview serves as the foundation for a biblically integrated curriculum, and you will learn about various curriculum orientations and how they can be applied in light of a biblical worldview. You will also discover practical ways to create a biblically integrated curriculum.


  • Explain the pivotal role a biblical worldview plays in Christian education and how it should influence your curriculum.
  • Discuss the importance of a curriculum that is biblically integrated in every facet, beginning with the overall curriculum plan, moving to the unit plans, and working all the way down to individual assignments.
  • Describe traditional, process/mastery, and constructivist curriculum orientations; and identify ways educators can pull positive ideas consistent with a biblical worldview from each.
  • Explain why intentional curriculum planning tasks are essential, and utilize specific techniques to create biblically integrated units and lesson plans.
  • Create biblically integrated assignments and assessments.
Ellen Black, EdD
  • Harvard University Graduate School of Education, Post-doctoral work
  • Temple University in Philadelphia, EdD
  • Texas A&M, MEd
  • Eastern Mennonite University, BS
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