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Leadership Basics

Almost all spheres of life require leadership. Through His redemptive work, God transforms individuals into effective leaders.


Over fifty thousand books on “leadership” are listed on Amazon.com. Clearly, this is a critical concern for individuals. People in almost all spheres of life in both secular and Christian organizations realize its importance. Sadly, our ideas of leadership have been often predominantly shaped by historical philosophies, academic theories, and popular culture, rather than by a sound understanding of how God shapes and uses leaders for His purposes. 

In Leadership Basics, we will examine the foundations and principles of biblical leadership. We’ll begin to understand how God transforms and develops individuals into effective leaders through His redemptive work. You’ll have the opportunity to reflect on whatever developmental stage of leadership you may be in. And you’ll recognize the knowledge, skills, and values that you need to develop to be an effective leader in your twenty-first-century ministry context.

  • Articulate how historical theories of leadership have adapted over time to fit contemporary society’s understanding of leadership.
  • Distinguish the different criteria required of ministry leaders compared to that of secular leaders based on illustrations of remarkable leaders in the Bible.
  • Appreciate how God uses a transformative and developmental process to call and shape effective redemptive leaders.
  • Determine the developmental stage of redemptive leadership in which you are in to further develop the characteristics of a Bible-based leader.
  • Reflect on your motivations, driving influences and “performance criteria” for being a “successful” ministry leader.
  • Evaluate the requirements of twenty-first-century ministry leaders in response to the changing socio-cultural trends shaping society and churchgoers’ needs.
  • Excellent course on all levels

    — Cheryl, New Zealand

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