2 Timothy 3:16 and 2 Peter 1:20-21 both speak to the fact that the Bible is the Word of God. How do you reconcile the two realities that men, though in control of their actions, wrote the Scriptures as they were moved by the Holy Spirit?

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      Men still had their own style of writing and personality but the Holy Spirit helped them write the inspired word of God. It was not human wisdom and because of the Holy Spirit it had no errors and met the needs of people. Anybody who tried to find errors or inconsistencies in the writings has come up empty. As people have tried to disprove the Bible, scholars have clearly proven the Bible’s accuracy and reliability. Nobody can argue with the transformational impact God’s word has on somebody’s heart and actions!

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      I can reconcile these two realities that God chose them to put His Word into writing through the Holy Spirit, and that Peter’s writings are first hand accounts as a result of his being one the 12 Disciples.

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      the Bible is God’s inspired word. He chose men who wrote the Scripture as God revealed it while freeing them from human errors. in this way God continued to guide them in using the right words while still allowing them to write in their own style. This reveals the partnership God desires with us while still accomplishing His will.

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      the Bible is Gods word that is inspired by the Holy Sprit to its authors. It is what God has reveled through His spirit to authors and recorded

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      Although we have the Holy Spirit within us we still retain our own personality and style. The Holy Spirit is our guide and when we follow him and we are in God’s will we can do great and enduring things for God.

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      I don’t know if we can completely reconcile it, but we can trust God and the writings from these men by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit

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      Makes perfect sense. God inspired broken, free-willed people (through the Holy Spirit’s leading) to write what HE knew would amount to the total sum of HIS revelation of HIMself; and He used their worldview, culture, language, biases, etc to do it! God is sovereign, and He sovereignly knew how they would complete the work that He gave them. Goes to show that God can speak to and through us today as well, despite ourselves.

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      God gave man the vision what they needed to cut down on paper. Because Scripture is God breathed

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      The Bible is consistent throughout. I believe God wouldn’t deceive His own people by not speaking through completely the authors of the books of the Bible.

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      God gave man wisdom and guidance to write the Bible.

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      I’ve seen firsthand what the Spirit is capable of. I have no doubt that the Word is true.

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      Joel Haywood

      I’m not sure this needs to be reconciled – I think the statement is true as is. Men wrote the Scriptures as God wanted them to through revelation by the Holy Spirit.

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      God has always worked through human beings. He doesn’t need humans but has sovereignly chosen to use them as his instruments to build up his people and to reach others and bring them in. The continuity and consistency even though they were flawed human beings only speaks more of God’s soveriegnty.

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      Chris Drenth

      They have the Spirit of God within them and did their best to write what God wanted them to say and the Holy Spirit directed their thoughts.

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      I reconcile it in the same way that God spoke through the prophets in the Old Testament.

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      They just wrote what they were taught by the Holy Spirit

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      I believe that the Holy Spirit can talk to a person and that you can understand what he is saying. I think of this as not if a person can hear or not but does a person want to hear. If a person wants to hear that quiet still voice he ca. Just stop and talk to him.

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      Katie Harrell

      I’ve had the Holy Spirit speak to and through me so I’ve experienced this first hand and know what it means when it’s God breathed. There have been several things that have been proven historically too that prove the Bible is real so why would you not believe all of it as real?

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      the Bible is not just a collection of stories, it is a historical book that speaks of true events that has remained the same over time. It is so interconnected between individual books of the Bible in alignment with the whole Bible. I have faith that the same God, Son, and Spirit that is written about in the pages of Scripture, lived in the authors lives and now lives in mine. If any of this could be changed or shaken, our faith would not be rooted in a firm foundation.

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      Authors of stories, novels in thier cover page usually says it is fictionary. That the stories and events they are about to tell us is just a product of thier imagination. In the books of the bible , I have still have to see a foreword by it’s author that all tales and events he has to narrate is all but the produce of his imagination. That alone makes me confident of the bible claims especially the scriptures as God inspired.

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      I can believe that they were moved by the Holy Spirit because there have been moments in my life or in the lives of friends that can only be described as ‘Holy Spirit Moments’. Belief that the Bible is God’s word spoken through men is an essential part of my faith in Him.

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      Belief needs to start somewhere and belief in a book that hasn’t changed over thousands of years and written by many is a solid start.

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      “Scripture interprets Scripture”. This is a concept I learned a long time ago. God is soverign and His Spirit is alive. God can move in and through human history. God used His Spirit and Word through human interaction for His purposes. This is a miracle! Just as God can take a virgin and make her have a baby, he can use his people as a vessel for His purposes. Scripture interprets Scripture by upholding God’s character and His will from the beginning of time.

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      Truly, I don’t have to. Scripture reveals all of that for me. I don’t have to argue the authenticity of the Bible. I have seen lives changed and mountains moved, including my own life. when the only explanation can be Jesus.

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      It is necessary to have faith in the inspiration from the Holy Spirit that he writers recieved.

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      The truth is not in words that man’s wisdom teaches but “breathed” by the Holy Spirit.

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      I think it all starts with placing complete authority in God’s Word alone. When we look historically and biblically at the workings of the Holy Spirit, scripture clearly shows that there is a way that the Spirit can directly mediate and inspire the means necessary for this to have taken place.

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      The Holy Spirit is the guide for what they have written

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      Both writers were in a personal and spiritual relationship with God. They were open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and operated just as God created them to be. We are all unique but made in God’s image to do His will if we open our hearts to the council of the Holy Spirit. If we inhale the breath of God (HIS WORD), we will also be able to speak words of encouragement and words of life through the Holy Spirit that dwells in our heart.

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      Jordan Lozzi

      The Holy Spirit was their inspiration and their guide for writing and that they still retained their personalities and style.

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      Our actions are guided by the Holy Spirit

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      1 John 2:27
      As for you, the anointing which you received from Him abides in you, and you have no need for anyone to teach you; but as His anointing teaches you about all things, and is true and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you abide in Him.
      John 16:13
      But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth; for He will not speak on His own initiative, but whatever He hears, He will speak; and He will disclose to you what is to come.

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      Because of how many lives have been changed by the words that were inspired. Nothing is going to change lives like that outside of the power of God and his word. Only God could do something like that. The transformed life is what reconciles the two realities.

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      That God was able to speak to his people and get the scripture done

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      There is nothing that God cannot do and no one that He cannot use to share His word. When the Holy Spirit is within us, God is able to speak through us, just as He did with the profits and writers of the Bible. Is is not hard to believe that the same God that we see doing great works within our lives to this very day, could have also used people thousands of years ago to share His messages with His people.

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      God is powerful and can inspire men

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      I reconcile that god chose these men for a reason that he had created them in a way in which they would describe what he had showed to them in there dreams and vison to portray in the way the church and us that we need today

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      God didn’t change personalities and did not make authors robots, He let them to keep it , and inspired them with Holy Spirit to write and keep it of error

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      we know that all scripture is inspired with the meaning “GOD” breath and no scripture is written of no human effort alone but by holy men moved and spoken through the Holy Spirit. there is no error and all evidence points to no inaccuracy of no kind all is proven facts. and its awesome to hear.

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      My original understanding of how men were able to write the Bible by way of God’s inspiration was that by the moving of the Holy Spirit, God wrote through the the holy men that were chosen by God to write the Bible due to their close relationship with Him. I don’t completely change this view, but I do confess that it was quite murky. After this lesson, though my understanding is much clearer; God did not override the personalities or mental faculties of the men who wrote the Bible, but rather the Holy Spirit inspired the very knowledge and wisdom they wrote and ensured that, as they wrote in their own unique way, the message was kept true, pure, intact and without errors. This actually has helped me better accepts the differences in the 4 Gospels!

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      When led by the Holy Spirit, man can accomplish great things. Billy Graham was a magnificent pastor. He allowed the Holy Spirit to use him and lead him to where God wanted him. Man cannot accomplish great things with the divine spirit guiding us.

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      The Holy Influence of God’s Spirit was perceived and yielded to by those who wrote the Scriptures.

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      I believe that man can be in control of their emotions, and still let the spirit of God work in them, I am a true believer because it has happen to me on one Sunday Morning I was to bring the message, I had studied all week, had my 3 point outline already, but when I got up never look at my notes. The Holy spirit said talk about the Song that the Male Choir had just song. Title Peace Be Still.

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      God is all powerful and the Holy Spirit is God living in us, so this allows for men to write scripture.

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      Because the consistency and authenticity of the message was ensured by God whilst allowing the human authors to lean to their respective personal styles of writing.

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      The incredible number of prophecies that came through are the exact reason that those two exist. Other religious prophets that miss on so many are followed despite. our prophets, God spoke through.

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