According to Dr. Buzzell, “of all the things God created, nothing mattered as much to God as you and me.” Why were we created?

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      To have a loving relationship with him.

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      We were created to have an intimate relationship with God.

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      We were created to have a relationship with Him. In return for His love, mercy and grace we love and worship Him.

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      We were created by a loving God who desired a relationship with His created people. We were made in his image. God is Love and love bears all things but desires love to be returned.

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      We were created to have a relationship with God. We were made in His image so that we could multiply and fill the Earth with his image bearers. We were also created and given responsibility to “rule” over the things on this Earth. We were created to know God, love God, worship God, and glorify God.

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      We were created to praise God. When we live in God’s light and follow Him, blessings will rain down abundantly. The bible states that we were created in His image. I think He did this so that we could share love amongst one another. According to the first commandment, we are first and foremost called to love and serve God. Following God, we must love each other.

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      We were created in His image so we could worship him and praise him. He wanted us to receive mercy and grace, because he is a loving God.

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      He made us in his image so that we may honor Him.

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      We were the special focus of God’s creation because we were created in his image and likeness and he . He loved us yet we rebelled and were full of wickedness and evil.
      He wanted us to worship him and we would be blessed by him.

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      God created man because He wanted someone to abide with Him eternally that would give Him praise and honor Him above all other things. Unlike the birds, animals, and plants, He gave us a soul and free-will, that way we could choose to worship Him and not be forced like some machine built only to serve. He created us so we would serve but only out of the love from our hearts for such a loving Father and Creator. That is why we matter most to Him.

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      We have a special relationship to God (we were created in His image and likeness). No other creature in God’s earth has this special relationship with Him. So in effect, we should reciprocate God’s love for us with our deep love for Him. However, because of sin, man has been in a state of rebellion until Jesus came, and restored our relationship with the Almighty.

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      We were created for God’s pleasure. All things were created by Him for Him. (Colossians 1:16). We were created in God’s image and likeness, so that we may know God, love God and worship God. God created us so that we may have the pleasure of knowing Him.

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      I think man was a part of God’s plan from the beginning. He wanted company and wanted folks to love Him. He also needed someone to care for the great world He had created.

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      We were created because God wanted us; we are special to Him.

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      Taylor Burkit

      God created humans to have relationship with him.

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      God created human beings to have someone outside of himself to be made in his image and likeness. God made us for fellowship.

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      We were created to be in relationship with the Lord.

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      We were created to have a loving relationship with God our Father. Our sin stands in that way.

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      “According to Dr. Buzzell, “Of all of the things God created, nothing mattered to God as much as you and me.” Why were we created?

      “In the beginning God created…” After creating an ordered world God created humans. By God’s own desire creating humans came last. Genesis 1:26 “Let us make man in our image.” This statement is made in conversation. I believe this to be our first glimpse of what the Church will identify as the Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This image is not a physical image, but an image of spirit. So far in God’s creative process there are no beings made in God’s image. God created by God’s own design all of the earth for one purpose. and God created the world and all that is in it for His greatest of all creation; humanity.

      Out of God’s great love was fashioned a being with whom He would form an eternal relationship. Dr. Stedman states, “If our spirit is made in the image of God, then it can do things that God can do, but which no animal can.” He suggests in Genesis we find that God alone, first; creates; next; God communicates and last; God evaluates. God evaluates by pronouncing some things good, not good and humans; very good. The image of God appears in humans as ones who can create, communicate (as no animal can do) and has a moral center with the ability to evaluate and pronounce things as good or bad. These attributes make the claim that humans were created in the image of God.

      God exists without influence or input from anything outside Himself. God is a self-sufficient being. Prior to creation and apart of any creation God is completely and flawlessly God. The Trinity implies that God is already in eternal perfect relationships with Father, Son and Spirit and those relationships have always been of love. God has always been love. God did not need to create a world filled with living creatures to complete Him. As an extension of the all-encompassing, limitless, boundless, perfect love… I think God created us because it made Him happy and brought Him delight.

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      We were created in the image of God to partially benefit us. God didn’t need us, but because of His nature He loved us and because of that great love, He wanted to have a personal, one on one relationship with each of us.

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      To have relationship with God

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      Ma. Remedios

      We were created because God wanted to have intimate and meaningful relationship with us.

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      We were created to fellowship and be in a living relationship with God.

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      Our Daily Bread
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