According to Edwin Yamauchi: “The Christmas Magi are often described as wise men or kings. But it’s fairly evident that they were astrologers because of what the word meant in the first century.…And in the 5th century bc when Herodotus wrote, the Magi were a priestly cast of the Medes who served the Persians to offer sacrifice as diviners to foretell the future.” By providing a supernatural star to guide the Magi to the Christ child, does this mean God endorses the practice of astrology? Explain your view.

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      Just as today when God uses the things of this world to show “signs of the times”, I feel that it was the same for the Magi. God knew all about their abilities. He knew what they had studied and how their intellect would be used to fulfill prophecy. It is all in God’s hands and His timing that those men were learning about and then followed the star. I personally view it that they were learning this from an “astronomers” viewpoint rather than astrology. They were taking written or verbal understandings and applying those to the knowledge they already had.

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      No it does not mean that God endorses the practice of astrology. However, He can most certainly use them to be witness to the glorious birth of our Savior and thus give credence ( credibility) to that which was written by the Prophet Daniel.

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      No, I don’t believe that God endorses the practice of astrology. I do think that God used the supernatural and the Magi’s knowledge of the skies and prophecy to lead them to the birthplace of Jesus.

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      Judith kamugisha

      God does not endorses the practice of astrology because God has a mighty power to do things whats He wants to do it.

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      By using a supernatural star as a guide for the Magi, does God endorse the practice of astrology? To answer this, I looked up several definitions for astrology.
      Britannica says that it is a method of predicting the mundane events.
      Another website said that it is the study of how distant, cosmic objects impacts human lives.
      Another specified that it is the relationship between the position of the planets and events on Earth.

      By these definitions, no. I do not believe that God endorses the practice of astrology. Rather, by using a supernatural star to bring astrologers who were “diviners to foretell the future” to the baby Jesus where they worshiped Him, I feel it shows God’s power over such matters.

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      No, he does not. God used the skies to fulfill Daniel’s prophecy.

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      God does not support the practice of astrology as a man made spiritual guidance system apart from Himself. The provision of the star was God’s GPS for the students of astrology, the Magi.

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      God doesn’t endorse the practice of astrology because the star was a sign came from God, God used the magi’s familiarity with prophecy and knowledge of movement of the planets to see the sign of the coming of messiah.

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      God does not endorse the practice of astrology. The star was a sign from God, not a product of astrology. God can do all things through his Mightiness and does not depend on the practices of false teachings, such as astrology.

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      God does not endorse the practice of astrology. There are several scripture talking against astrology. Our main focus should be on Jesus. Astrology takes away from God.

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      Does God endorse the practice of astrology? No, as stated in Jeremiah

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      No, it is clear from prophecies of Isaiah and Jeremiah that astrology is not acceptable to the Lord. Through prophecies inspired by God as revealed to Daniel give a basis for understanding how the Magi would come to know the king born in Judah. God certainly can make a sign in the heavens as necessary.

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      So the definition of Astrology is: the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world. I do not believe God condones nor endorses the practice of studying the stars. However I do believe that he used the interest and study of the stars to gather the attention of the Magi, to use them in this event.

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      No, I do not believe God endorses the practice of astrology. We do see though how often our God uses what is familiar to us to draw us to him. Since we know these men would have been intellectuals and had studied the prophecies in addition to the heavens, they would have been prepared or on watch for the birth of this predicted King. I believe it shows us God at work in their lives. They came to worship the Messiah they had been awaiting by following the star, something that was familiar to them.

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      No it does not.

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      In Numbers, it is predicted that a star will rise up from Jacob so the Wise Men viewed the star as a sign that the Messiah had arrived.

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      Our Daily Bread
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