According to Gerry Breshears, “When the angels appeared to the shepherds, they came to the lowest rank of Jewish society. Shepherds, because of the [their] contact with blood,…are completely defiled and unable to keep the ceremonial law of the Jews [i.e., a Jewish person who has contact with blood would not be allowed to go through the Temple ceremony until they had been cleansed]. This is appropriate that the Lamb of God is going to come to a defiled, unclean, and sinful people to cleanse them.” What does the social ranking of the shepherds show us about God’s love for all people?

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      They were the lowest of the low. God’s love for all people was shown by the angels coming to these shepherds and announcing the Savior. God loves all, He does not care about your social standing.

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      The social ranking of the shepherds shows us that God love ALL people, from the greatest in society to the lowest. It is a reminder that while man looks at the outward appearance, the Lord looks at the heart.

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      God show how does love us without ranking any people even sinful has hopeful to him through Jesus christ.

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      Jesus does not rank us nor does He hold certain people above others. He loves all of us to great degree that is incomprehensible.

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      It shows us that no matter what station we are in life, Jesus died and was resurrected for all.

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      It shows us that God truly does love every person and that even the most sinful have hope through Jesus.

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      Just that, that his love was for all people no matter their “status” in society. Again this just foreshadowed what his ministry would be about, speaking, healing, feeding those that were not of the higher classes.

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      What a comfort that he came first to these lowly people on the fringe of society. It shows us that God truly does love all people and that even a person as sinful as I am has the hope of Jesus. No one is beyond being loved by God. God looks not at outward appearance, or at the thoughts of others about us. He looks at the heart. I love that he chose to use unexpected people.

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