According to Gerry Breshears, “When the angels appeared to the shepherds, they came to the lowest rank of Jewish society. Shepherds, because of the [their] contact with blood,…are completely defiled and unable to keep the ceremonial law of the Jews [i.e., a Jewish person who has contact with blood would not be allowed to go through the Temple ceremony until they had been cleansed]. This is appropriate that the Lamb of God is going to come to a defiled, unclean, and sinful people to cleanse them.” How does the picture of holy angels announcing the coming of a Savior to shepherds apply to each of us?

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      We are all unclean because of sin. We need a Savior, the cleansing blood of Jesus, to be in relationship with God.

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      The picture of the the holy angels announcing the coming of a Savior to shepherds applies to each of us because it shows that the message was for ALL of us. These shepherds were the lowest in society, yet were the first to hear this great news that would be for ALL the people. This was demonstrated when the angels came to the fields.

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      It is showing us that we are unclean but Jesus’ coming and death will cleanse all of us.

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      Like the shepherds we are completely unclean. We also do not stand on ceremony. It’s only by God’s grace we are drawn to Him and then cling to Him.

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      The picture of holy angels announcing the coming of savior to all people and to show how God merciful to each us.

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      The picture of the holy angels announcing the coming of a Savior to shepherds applies to each of us because we are all sinners. Because of our brokenness, we so desperately need God in our lives. The angels appearing to the shepherds symbolizes Jesus’ Grace and Mercy that is intended for those who are broken and hurting (all of us).

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      It applies to us because Jesus did come and gave himself for us. This revelation to the Shepard came true

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      To save us of our sins is represented by the angels appearing to the bottom man to show that all were saved not just wealthy

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      It started from the “bottom”, the message that the new King has been born. It showed that this child would be for all no matter where they came from or who they were.

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      Holy angels appearing to the lowly, defiled, shepherds to announce the most magnificent news is such a picture of what Jesus is for us. We are the lowly, defiled, unclean, sinful people. We do not deserve what the Lamb of God came to offer us. But how incredible that God made a way for even these lowly shepherds and used them to begin telling what the angels had told them. What a humbling experience. It should be humbling for us as well as we know the Sacrificial Lamb Jesus would become for us. What an incredible picture, having been born near the holding pen for all the other sacrificial lambs, that he lay down his life for us.

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      Jesus, pure, undefiled, and without sin, came to save people who desperately needed to be cleansed of their sins. And we continue to need His cleansing.
      Salvation has three tenses–past, present, and future.

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      Jesus came to earth to save sinners. He symbolises this by appearing to the shepherds, the lowest rank of Jewish society.

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