According to J. P. Moreland, “We know…that we have minds and souls…that we are moral creatures. Do you agree with Moreland’s conclusions? Explain how these observations might be used to argue for the existence of the God revealed in the Christian Scriptures.

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      I agree with Moreland that we have minds and souls and that we are moral creatures. We are made in the image of God and He has created us for a need for Him and we will not be satisfied with anything less than Him. All cultures have some form of worship and morals, whether they know about Christ. God has formed inside of us a yearning for Him.

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      I do agree. I believe our mind is something separate from our brain. I believe our mind is our soul. Our soul was breathed into us by God.

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      I believe that we are moral creatures, that we have minds and souls. Scripture tells us that we were created in the image and likeness of God. That we were created by Him and like Him… with intelligence, morality, and a heart that aches for truth, beauty and love. That the creator is an intelligent, loving, and powerful deity.

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      Marquelle Dais

      I agree with Moreland’s conclusions because if we have morality and believe in what is right and what is wrong for ourselves then we have an understanding of a sense of self that we were given as guidelines to follow. Naturally we instinctively know these morals to be true and that observation explains that we were given those certain sets of morals.

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      Every culture displays some deity or need for spiritualism. The suggest that at a base level we are all in need of communion with God. The God of the Bible describes this lack in our lives and how he can fill it. It makes sense.

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      Our very existence and morality had to come from someone. Evolution does not explain how mankind knows right from wrong. We would be no more than beings very much like animals and other creatures, without a soul and without morality.

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      All humans are religious as they all have a yearning for explanations and direction for life and beyond. They all believe there is a divine force and have a persistent longing for a deity that makes sense to them. It would be something that sheds light on the meaning of their life and grants them the ability to love and see truth and beauty as well as make decisions based on morality. The Bible gives us reasonable explanations through archaeology that corresponds to its accounts; the accounts of a credible leader are substantiated through personal accounts, accurate repetitious writings,; the powerful movement of the church; and the evidence of personal core transformations that one can witness themselves.

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      Our Daily Bread
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