According to Montgomery, Newton’s view of the universe was an orderly and predictable one that ran by established inviolable rules. In contrast, Einstein’s view promotes the idea that the universe is not as predicable as originally thought. Which view allows for the possibility of miracles? Why?

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      Katie Haney

      Einstein knew that not everything can be explained. Newton left no room for the unexplainable.

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      Einstein’s view. With his viewpoint, we can’t possibly know how everything will transpire. We can, through emperical evidence, predict how things “should” transpire, but we cannot eliminate the possibility of something unexpected.

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      Einstein’s view allows for the possibility of miracles as views the universe as “mysterious”.
      Newton’s view focus on predictable order that is governed by certain rules.

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      Einstein’s view leaves room for miracles, Newton’s doesn’t.
      Einstein leaves the possibility for miracles open, whereas Newton states that everything is rigid and the rules cannot be broken.

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      Einstein’s view more readily allows for the possibility of miracles, as it allows for a certain amount of unpredictability–meaning not everything will follow natural law. Miracles do not follow natural law, but the supernatural.

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      I believe Einstein’s view. Because it leaves the door open for people to witness such miracles

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      I would suggest that Einstein’s view allows for the possibility of miracles. Miracles are unexplanable, similar to Einstein’s view of the unpredicabile Earth. Newton would argue that miracles need to have order and a set of rules that describe exaclty how they are supposed to work.

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      I believe it would be depending how strict on the believe of Newton or Einstein. If you believe that everything was orderly and predictable established like Newton than you can believe that the miracles were meant to happen and only on certain occasions as it was in that manner that was supposed to happen. If you believe like Einstein, then it could be that you believe there is something greater out there that makes the miracles happen. Although there is a counter thought of it that would have your beliefs so expanded that you could really believe that it wasn’t God who created all and Jesus was the Son of God, but believe that it was something else that made the miracles happen. This is what we see now a days as people make their own believes on spirits, or anything they praise or worship and will see the miracles through their beliefs. I believe Newton had a more strict view of ‘this is how it happened and there is no other way,’ when Einstein gives us freedom to question that and see more beyond the fact.

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      If the universe is not predictable then it allows room for their to be miracles, because we cannot know the unknown.

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      Miracles do not follow the laws of nature and so Newton’s view would not allow for the possibility of miracles, being that everything needs to happen with just cause and effect and in an orderly fashion that can be predicted and repeated. Einstein’s view of less predictability allows for miracles to happen and wouldn’t have rules that the miracle has to follow.

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      According to Einstein’s view of the universe, the universe is a mysterious place and humans do not know all the rules, therefore it is impossible to say that events can’t occur.

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