According to Montgomery, Newton’s view of the universe was an orderly and predictable one that ran by established inviolable rules. What human need was addressed by Jesus’ resurrection from the dead? Why is this significant?

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      Katie Haney

      The need was death. That there was more to this world than just things that happen. It is significant because life isn’t worth living without the after.

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      The resurrection was God’s victory over the one impermeable wall – death. Death ends every man’s dreams, ambitions, impact and trajectory. The resurrection of Christ from the dead pointed to life eternal with God, or more simply, something to live for beyond physical death.

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      The human need that was addressed by Jesus’ resurrection was the conquering of the human condition…death.
      This was significant because Newton’s view of the universe talks about a set of rules that are predictable and unable to be broken, when Jesus was resurrected he “broke” that rule.

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      Joseph Wilson

      It proves that Jesus was who He claimed to be, and it provided hope in His name. Otherwise, the end was death without the hope of heaven.

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      We need to acknowledge our sins, our broken human condition. We need to know there is a personal God who came in the flesh to rescue us. Of course this God ‘holds everything together’ above & beyond basic physics. His resurrection satisfied all the requirements to restore man’s relationship with God, a personal relationship beyond anything that can be measured.

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      Hope. It gives people something to look forward to

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      When Jesus rose from the dead He showed all of mankind that death is not the end. Jesus fulfilled His prophecy on Earth by conquering death. This is significant because it shows us that Earth is not our “real” home. We all will die, but if you believe Jesus Christ to be your Savior, then you will get reunited with your Heavnly Father in your “eternal home”.

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      One as human will always have that fear of the unknown and death. When Jesus resurrected He brought hope to us to ‘see our beloved who have passed, and for us to have everlasting life.’ This way we can see our grandchildren, or see our ancestors, we can live after dead with Jesus Himself.

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      Jesus conquered death showing us that we do not have to fear death. Ending his time on earth with one more supernatural example, dying then raising from the dead himself to walk once more.

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      Through Jesus’ resurrection from the dead he conquered the human problem of death. We learned that “death is the perennial human problem” so when we as humans are looking for an answer to the death issue we all face-His resurrection demonstrates that if we believe in God the Father we are saved through Him and we don’t have to fear death and what comes with it.

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      Our Daily Bread
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