According to Paul, how are Christians to respond to suffering? What is the good in responding to suffering in this way? Provide an example of how you or someone you know have/has demonstrated Paul’s response to suffering.

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      Suffering, especially as a Christian, is a highly volatile topic with both the secular and Christian communities. Without proper Biblical understanding, both tend to question “why” it happens if God is good. Paul seems to being saying that suffering is part of this human condition we find ourselves in because of the corruption that sin has brought into the world and is therefore not avoidable for most of humanity. For the Christian, Paul doesn’t teach what many modern sects of Christianity teach, that once we become born again we will be exempt from suffering if our faith is strong. What Paul does teach is that when we suffer God promises to be with us and that we need to remain faithful and humble before Him so that we can be witnesses to the world that God is indeed Immanuel, God with us.
      There have been a few people I have known that have been examples of steadfast faith by remaining faithful to God even while their worlds have been extremely hard hit with tragedy of illness or loss. I myself went through a divorce that at first caused me to stop having fellowship with God but even then He remained faithful and patient as I found myself back in fellowship with Him and a desire to have a relationship with Him. At the height of my waywardness, I found myself sharing the Biblical truths with several people even though I wasn’t “feeling” the truths at the moment.

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      We should respond to suffering we are kept humble knowing we have gods comfort. During times of suffering we can become more dependent on Gods strength.

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      According to Paul, Christians should respond to suffering by patiently enduring it without getting discouraged, and also delight in it. Responding to suffering with patient endurance and contentment demonstrates that in our weakness, God is made strong because God’s power is perfected in weakness. When my father was diagnosed with brain cancer, it was a difficult 4 months having to deal with the process of his downward progression. All the while, my family and I were able to give thanks to the Lord for His merciful ways and how He providentially orchestrated each doctor visit and how a way was made by which he could still receive his income in order to provide for my mother. The Lord gave us strength throughout that time and His glory and power was evident in our hopeful waiting.

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      First, Christians are to understand that suffering is to be normative for Christians. We are to expect to suffer. Many have a wrong view of God and his care for us. We expect God to bless us and keep us happy, as if his highest goal is our comfort and pleasure.

      Secondly, we are to view suffering and trials as an opportunity (pure joy) knowing that God has something good for those who rely on Him. A restored relationship, an evangelistic opportunity… being at heaven’s door.

      My wife, after recovering from cancer, has been able to comfort others who have experienced similar afflictions. She is currently working with a young mom who is facing the battle of her life.

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      In our weakness God makes us strong.

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