According to Ray Bolin, what did Darwin “get right” about his observations on natural selection? Where did Darwin go wrong?

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      Darwin was correct to say that organisms can change over time, which ultimatley creates genetic mutations to help a species be more fitting for a specific environment. I believe this is called micro-evolution, where one sees changes within a species over time. However when is comes to macro-evolution, I believe Darwin might have gone wrong. Marco-evolution is when organisms change over time from one species to a completely different one.

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      where he get right is he quantified what natural selection is, how it works, as a real process. and where he went wrong is that He went beyond his own data. He was arguing against at that time the notion of the fixity of species, that God had created each individual species.

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      What he got right was observing the small changes within a species and how it plays into Natural Selection – the idea that the best adapted animals would survive and pass their genes on to the next generation. He witnessed the differences in Finch beaks and tortoises and noted the changes within the species. These macro changes within a species could be attributed to adaptation, with the genetic marker for that adaptation being passed along to the next generation via natural selection.

      Where he went wrong was extrapolating that out to infer a cross-species change, ie: one species morphing into an entirely different species. A Finch’s beak is still within the family of finch’s. It doesn’t make it a leopard if given enough time.

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      Ray Bolin stated that Darwin was “right” in his observations on how he “quantified what natural selection is, how it works, as a real process”. Where Darwin went wrong was that he took one observation from his trip to the Galapagos Islands and “extrapolated” it.

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      Darwin noticed and came up with a good explanation for how animals are able to adapt to their unique environment. He went wrong when he applied or used this to presuppose that this process of natural selection could allow species to pop up or come from a single common cell. They would have to add information where there was no information in the first place. Mutations break genes, the do not add information.

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      Darwin got right that the animals on the island were able to adapt to their environment but he was wrong to expand his thinking to say that all species have evolved.

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      Darwin get right about his observation on natural selection that finches and tortoises were different and works as a real process to their surrounding to survive, but he went beyond his own data whe said that God had created each individual species on the Galapagos Islands.

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      Darwin was correct to notice that some creatures had adapted to their surroundings to survive. His error was to apply that to all creatures in the world over the whole expanse of time.

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      That the tortoise and finches were different. He went beyond his own data and decided that God wouldn’t make different tortoise in every Galapago’s island and that they must have evolved and if they did then so did everything else.

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      Darwin’s observations on natural selection and how the process worked, according to Ray Bolin, were correct and insightful. Where he went wrong is when he assumed that all species must have and do evolve.

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      Marquelle Dais

      Darwin was right when he said that animals evolved but he did not explain how evolution started in the first place and how exactly the animals exist came to be.

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      Darren made good observations of the physical world. However he extrapolated that data farther than the data actually allows.

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      Darwin observed small changes and “quantified what natural selections is, how it works, as a real process.” But Darwin “went beyond his own data.” He based his whole theory and applied his assumptions on everything in creation on the slight differences he observed in species on the Galapagos Islands.

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      Natural selection does take place in ensuring that the best item (plants, animals, etc.) continue to exist because they are most like to survive the situation that exists. D

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