According to the Bible, a lack of meaningful prayer is a reason for spiritual defeat. Have you ever experienced this? When? What was God’s solution to your problem?

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      Yes. Many times. Going back to the study on destration. I am a business man an sometimes I can get very distracted. I forget to pray, things happen quickly. I pray about business more often.

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      Yes, a few times when I tried to measure my prayer up with someone elses. I listened to how they prayed and wanted to sound as eloquent as they were. And everytime it was not and did not sound genuine. It took me some time tom realize that others were not judging me on how I prayed and that it was in my own lack of confidence in my relationship with God. And also, that all that should matter is God and my conversation with him

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      Of course lack of meaningful prayer is reason for spiritual defeat i remember in my life i was made decision without asking God’s direction which led me into bad situation, but i got a really Man of God who taught me a word of God and how to ask God as his son with powerful sound doctrine, Now asks by his words to my any situation faced.

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      Virginia Hagedorn

      I have had seasons where I was so physically tired, I’d fall asleep whenever I prayed. I beat myself up over it for a while, until I realized falling asleep talking to Jesus is the best way to fall asleep. Of course I can always pray throughout the day, and should be praying without ceasing anyway. I tend to pray while driving, and I obviously don’t fall asleep then. I think the solution was to stop being so hard on myself and to recognize that prayer wasn’t a one-size-fits-all experience. My prayer life doesn’t have to look like bowing my head before a meal or kneeling at my bed; it can be all throughout my day, behind the wheel, in the shower, as I fold laundry.

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      I have experienced this in my Christian walk. I have fallen into the monotonous cycle of prayer where I believe I sounded a bit like the teacher from Charlie Brown. It was a low time in my life and I was distancing myself from God. God never quit, he used life circumstances to call me back.

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      I am self-conscious about praying aloud. I feel like I lack the right words to say what is in my heart and fear the judgment of others that are trying to follow my prayer. I rely on the Holy Spirit to help me. I try for my prayers to be meaningful, but it is the vocabulary that stomps me.

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      There was a time I didn’t pray and I was let down and frustrated. Cone to him and rely on him

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      I have seen in my decision in life that there have been some that I made prayerlessly. Often times, those are the stpes that I feel ring hollow. Or the steps that I spend more energy trying to convince myself that God is in it. It is better for me to rest in Him and wait as he opens doors.

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      Ultimately, when I am lacking in meaningful prayer, it makes me feel numb in my desire to pursue God in relationship. I believe that he continues to speak to me through my circumstances and that He always accepts and loves me when I come running back into His arms.

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      Yes I have. When I’m tired and too sleepy to pray or when i’m too busy and don’t make time to pray. Gods solution to my problem was in His Word. How we need to make time for Him and don’t let distractions get in the way of our relationship with Him.

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      Our Daily Bread
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