According to Vernon Grounds, what is Christ most concerned about in our practice of religion? What are you most concerned about?

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      Our relationship with him and others

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      Christ is most concerned about our hearts. How we live out His love for us in all that we do. Frankly, recently I’ve been more concerned about all this Covid stuff around the world and how it has impacted my family and I. I need to see how God wants to use me in this time for His glory.

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      Karla Joy

      Our Hearts. God wants our hearts , not our lipservice! He does not want us going through the motions… He wants our true commitment, to give our hearts to Jesus and trust Him fully. I gave my heart and life to Jesus a long time ago, and now I am more concerned about the hearts of others, and how I want to help build up the kingdom , and help others to come to know him personally. I am thankful for my life, and the training / upbringing my parents gave me from a small child, leading me in the way I should go… and that has been the foundation that God has built me upon. However, at this point in my life, I am more concerned about the lives of others- and what I can and must do to be a soul winner for Jesus. I truly believe that as believers we have to get past the formalities of religious practices, and focused on the most important thing there is- salvation through Jesus Christ. No other name can Save. I pray the churches will get to the heart, and that heart is Jesus.

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      Christ is most concerned about out hearts in our practice of religion. “With the heart one believes and is justified. With the Mouth one confesses and is saved.” I am most concerned that my heart is right with Jesus. Then my practice of religion will be right.

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      Our Daily Bread
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