After Paul’s conversion, how was his background used to carry out his life mission?

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      Paul was a Roman citizen. This served him well as he moved about the Roman empire and gave him great social and legal advantages over non-citizens. The fact that he ah been a pharisee gave him a great understanding of God’s law and Jewish religious traditions and afforded him great crediabilty in the Jewish community. He had been raised in Tarsus and was familiar with the gentile lifestyle

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      Paul’s diverse background opened doors for him to do God’s work.

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      His Jewish heritage, Roman citizenship, and education under Gamaliel helped him carry out his ministry.

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      His education as a Jew, his training under Gamaliel, and His Roman citizenship opened doors that provided opportunity for Paul to deliver the gospel to gentiles in places he would not be able to go as a non-jew or non-Roman citizen.

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      He used his citizenship as Roman to preach the gospel

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      Paul’s Jewish heritage and religious background prepared him for welcoming the Messiah in the OT, and his Roman citizenship opened doors to him to travel to far away land to spread the Gospel.

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      Paul was able to tell his story and the important details which would impact the lives of others who would be able to relate to his situation and their own as Paul was not a saint nor did he claim to be one he just expressed his deep passion to Christ and serving the Lord the best way he knew how to do that was by sharing his story to others and hope that they would also find their way to the Lord.

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      After his conversion, his background as a Roman citizen gave him more opportunities.

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      Paul was Jewish and a Roman citizen, which meant he had a much greater opportunity to move freely in areas where others could not. Therefore, he had a better chance of sharing the message about our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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      Paul’s background and Roman citizenship were huge in his ministry, giving him opportunity to move freely in areas he otherwise wouldn’t, and giving him unique perspectives. He used his education to communicate, and his testimony to convert people to Christ.

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      Virginia Hagedorn

      Paul’s background and Roman citizenship were huge in his ministry, giving him opportunity to move freely in areas he otherwise wouldn’t, and giving him unique perspectives.

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      He used his education to communicate, and his testimony to convert people to Christ

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      After Paul’s conversion, his background opened advantages for him, that had he not been a devout Jew and a Roman citizen, he never could have taken advantage of. His Roman citizenship gave him rights that allowed him to minister without the restrictions placed on noncitizens. And as a devout Jew, Paul had a right to enter the synagogue and speak to those assembled there.

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      While all of Paul’s background he considered rubbish before the Lord because it did not impress God, it could be used for God’s glory to turn blessings back to him. Paul had an understanding of the scriptures, relationships with religious leaders, Roman citizenship, Jewish heritage, ability to write and speak well, etc. He used these abilities, understandings, and connections to to preach the Word and prove what God said through him.

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      He used his roman citizenship to his advantage along with his Jewish training in the scriptures to prove Jesus was the Messiah.

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      Paul used his background almost continually. It is just like God to use an individuals past for His Glory. He used his Roman citizenship, his Jewish training, bold zeal, etc…

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      Pham used the fact that he was A Roman citizen to allow him to travel freely throughout the land. He used his Jewish background to be able to enter into any synagogue and preach be before the congregation

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      On several occasions, Paul used his Roman citizenship to either be released from punishment or to be moved from one area to another as in his transportation to Rome. His background as a student The Scriptures under Gamaliel, he was able to clearly teach why Jesus was the Messiah.

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      By being a Roman citizen he could minister in ways noncitizens couldn’t. This also allowed him to appeal to Caesar and be sent to Rome where he ministered while under house arrest.
      By being Hebrew by birth he was able to study under the greatest teacher of Jewish law. Because he was a Pharisee he could address the people gathered in the synagogue. His knowledge of Hebrew scripture enabled him to be able to quote scripture with he reasoned with the local rabbis and scribes when they challenged him.

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      Paul transformed from a troubled man into an explementary servant to Christ. Paul’s background strengthened his testimony and showed people that anyone could “leave their past behind” and become a follower of Christ. No matter how troubled one might be, they can turn turn those problems into a deep passion for Jesus Christ. Paul also had the advantage of being well versed in both the Jewish and Gentile cultures.

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      He was well educated in Hebrew Scripture and Law giving him an advantage as to how to respond to the Jewish leaders, and he had Roman citizenship that made it easier to spread the gospel throughout the area.

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      He was a sinner, saved after encountering Jesus. He could speak to both Jews and Gentiles.

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      Paolo ebreo e conoscitore dell AT, cresciuto in un contesto greco romano era equipaggiato. per portare l evangelo.. “fino all estremità della terra”..

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      It was easier for him to preach to the Gentiles. He knew his scripture.

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      Paul’s conversion was so powerful. Being educated, Paul was able to articulate the Hebrew scriptures. His Roman citizenship allowed him to minister without restrictions. He was the “Hebrews of Hebrews” which allowed him to enter the synagogues. Paul’s background allowed him to establish churches and teach Christians how to live.

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      Because he was Jewish born in the Gentile city of Tarsus it enabled him to talk about Jesus to both Jewish & Gentile people. The fact that he understood both people served him well in his ministry.

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      Because he was both Jewish and Roman, many doors were open to him that would not otherwise be opened. He was allowed to go to Rome because of his citizenship, he was able to teach in the synagogues because of his teaching under Gamaliel.

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      Paul’s background was essential to carry out his life mission because he prepared of his Jewish background and his persecution of the church. Besides this he was a Roman citizen and enjoyed privileges of being one. Paul was also well educated. It is documented that he was educated by Gamaliel one of the best scholars of his time.

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      After Paul’s conversion, he was used to carry out his life’s mission by spreading the gospel to the nations. Paul was not always a man after God’s own heart. He spoke against the Christians. He also killed a few Christians because of his unbelief. When he was on his way to meet someone, he was struck with blindness. This situation changed his life forever. God ministered to him and shared His love towards Paul. Paul was in a state of humility. In his humble state, he surrendered to God and used his testimony to spread the gospel.

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      He was a philosopher – he was able to figure out what was needed.

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      As a Roman citizen he had rights that protected him from being imprisoned or run out of town. It opened advantages for him. His education afforded him that ability to know scriptures like very few others, therefore, “he could reason with people from the scriptures”.

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      He was a scholar of Jewish law living in Rome. He was an apostle chosen by God since he experienced Jesus’ miracles and power first hand. All of these combined helped the Holy Spirit speak through him to people who weren’t as receptive to the gifts of Christ.

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      Paul was gifted and meticulously trained in Jerusalem under Gamaliel, who was a prominent and highly respected scholar of Jewish Law. Because of this, Paul could explain what was written concerning the coming of the Messiah. He could also quote Scripture to prove his beliefs that Jesus was the Messiah and disprove others who were not believers.

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      Paul was raised a hellenic Jew and studied the Old Testament scriptures. His Roman citizenship provided him with protection and his Jewish background allowed him to reference Jesus as the messiah.

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