All people respond hypocritically. How does a relationship with Christ address the problems of the human heart? How does this differ from other religions?

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      With Christ we are changed on the inside. Our heart is taught love and not rules and laws. We are a process with God to transform our desires to follow rules and laws for salvation to loving and follow

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      When you come into a relationship with Christ, your heart is being renewed and you are transformed through Christ. This is different from other religions because in they are ruled through hypocrisy and rules that are meant to govern others.

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      A relationship with Jesus causes us to love others without all the religious ceremonies

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      Gildas ange clyve

      A relationship with Christ address the problems of the human heart because Jesus transforms the heart of whoever believes in Him. Only Jesus can change the human heart. That’s the great difference with allother religions, they cannot change the heart of people. Jesus gives a new heart and makes someone completely new. We are redeemed and transformed by Jesus.

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      While other religions are mostly about controlling our selves through a set of rules and rituals, Christianity (followers of Christ) is about living a life of fulfilling what has been commanded of us, which we cannot come close to accomplishing without Jesus. That’s how our relationship with Jesus addresses the problems of our hearts. He heels it. He is the model for how our hearts should be.

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      Karla Joy

      Christianity… To be Christ like. A Christ centered heart. I believe it all comes down to the condition of our hearts. It comes down to facing the truth of that condition. I truly believe that I cannot do a thing on my own. I believe I need a Savior. I need to examine my heart, because there are so many temptations in life that need to be examined within my heart. I want my heart to be examined and clean. I have the desire within me to be Honest about my heart’s condition. I Need a relationship with God. I need Him to be ever present and active in my life. Otherwise, I will fold like a cheap card table in this life. In order for me to have the relationship with a living Savior, I have to be Honest about what’s in my heart. I know God forgives me when I ask Him. I am disappointed that I have to ask for forgiveness ( when I walk in my willful way before bringing it to Him) I don’t want to disappoint God ( and I know that I do). Christianity differs in my opinion because Christ is living. Christ is a living God. And I believe He’s Truth. I could go through the motions of other religions- but I would not have a heart to heart relationship with a living God otherwise. I don’t want religion. I want Jesus. Jesus causes us to seek the Truth, and Face the Truth revealed. The Truth has the power to change hearts. That’s the difference.

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      Because we all are sinful and want to be in control, we want to keep our imperfections and sins from our reality. That reality makes us feel bad about ourselves. So me make up excuses or evasions for our poor behavior to justify our sin. it can make us feel better for awhile, but it doesn’t take care of the problem. We are incapable of changing our heart because our hearts are naturally sinful. It can only be changed by Jesus. But Jesus won’t force Himself on us. He wants to help us and He give us the choice to ask for His help. He can address what we cannot.

      Other religions are based on our control of our behavior, our works. They don’t address the heart.

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      Our Daily Bread
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