As Paul Brand described the fear he felt over the possibility of losing his wife, he also described the peace they shared during that time. Are there events in your life that seem beyond even God’s peace and ability to comfort?

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      Yes, when my son had cancer and pretty much died a couple of times, I did know if I would be strong enough for my family and then right after my wife having an aneursym, wondering if she would make it. But I did receive God’s peace and I am wondering how we/I it all happened. To this day, I am amazed at the storm I was in and how calm I was and how weird it is to say,”It wasn’t that bad”

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      Yes, I’ve had many encounters where peace should have been far from me, but God takes over and has filled me with that peace.

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      My son was killed in a car accident. There are days that the pain is intense but I fully rely on God’s peace and remind myself Jesus is the Prince of Peace.

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      Nothing is impossible with God. I just have to remember, trust and run to Him and not look at my circumstances. Its much easier to let the flesh take over and get depressed and give into feeling hopeless. I think the more I lean on God, the easier it will become to do it.

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      After waiting 8 years and getting pregnant that was a miracle we had a healthy baby girl. 75 days later she died, we never found out the cause. Even now it is hard to find peace in that situation.

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      I do often struggle with this. My first reaction is frustration than anger, but more recently I have been turning toward God in prayer and song. I still worry through the process, but it is a lot easier with prayer and song.

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      Sometimes when going through a hardship, I will feel that way. However, I ultimately learn that nothing is beyond God’s peace.

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      Plenty of examples. The one that frequently pops up for me is finances and security in the future. It keeps me awake because I stubbornly think that I am in control. Only when I say “God, you are in control and will provide for me. I put all of this in your hands.” do I find peace and rest.

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      No, there are no events in my life that are beyond God’s peace and comfort.

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      Truly all events in my life seem beyond God’s peace and ability to comfort. But that is because I am trying to handle it on my own or through other people. Only when I recognize that the job belongs to Jesus alone can the comfort come and the peace in the midst of the storm is realized.

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