As the Master Designer of our world, the Creator built into nature seeds for the perpetuation of life (Genesis 1:11-13). Why is the cycle of death and rebirth in nature significant from an eternal perspective?

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      1. When we are “saved” first accepting Christ as our Savior, we bury our “old” self – our “old sinful” ways and our New self is born. We then have a new set of practices, goals, behaviors that are centered around God and honoring Him.
      2. Once we become christians, we find that we must on a regular basis die to self. We must put God first and place our own fleshly desires last. Only in doing this can we grow in our faith.

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      Because much like a plant dies and drops its seed to be reborn again, when we are saved through Christ and by Him, are old unbelieving self dies and a new seed is plated within us growing, reborn into soemthing incredible

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      The cycle of death and rebirth in nature is significant from an eternal perspective because this is what occurs when we say “yes” to a life in Christ.
      The old is gone and the new has come.

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      Vegetation keeps growing it never completely dies or ends because of the seed droppings that survive and live on. So in essence we die to like plants but we live on according to Gods word in a body that is incorruptible. 1Cor 15:52 the dead will be raised incorruptible and we shall be changed.

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      God’s perfect illustration, “Beauty and Balance” He wants us to know that when life ends, another one is born, so from those challenges that are the hardest, we will gain more. I take comfort in knowing that Jesus says, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; John 11:25

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      I think it’s significant because even though plants die cannot die completely because it’s drops seed that can manage to go on living their seeds and grow into new plants, same to us when we believe Jesus and die we cannot spiritually die, our bodies will die but spiritually we will live on through Jesus christ.

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      We are studying the reasons for beauty and balance, so it makes sense to think that we have to purge the bad daily. God calls us to rest so we can be renewed in strength. The saying that new mornings bring new blessings, is true. We may go to bed feeling awful about actions or deeds we may have done or done to us, but every morning the perspectives do seem different if not minor. Our rest here on earth seems to reflect our eternal rest with Christ. God’s created life cycle is an example of our daily lives; we work hard during the day and rest in the evening to begin again with more strength and new thoughts. I look forward to heaven’s rest. I believe that our final rest is the eternal renewal of our souls.

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      I think it’s significant because even though plants die, they still manage to go on living through their seeds. Just as us as humans, though we die, we live on through our children and family.

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      I think it’s because the plant never truly dies. It drops it seeds and they grow into new plants. Like those who follow and believe in Jesus, we will never spiritual die, our bodies will fail but our spirit will live on through Jesus

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      Jesus created us and we go throw different phases, we grow up learning about God until we are a little bit older, and then we have to use what God has taught us to minister to others to lead them to Christ. The we are older you will be slower and get tired more easily so u have to teach your kids to do the same thing, and your kids will repeat it, it goes on a cycle until God comes back to take us away to Heaven.

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      When you get saved your old self dies and you are born again as a Christian. When you are reborn you grow, produce fruit, and plant seeds. It’s just like nature, in the winter a plant dies and in the spring and summer it comes back alive and grows and produces fruit with seeds so it can produce another plant.

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