As volitional beings, we are free to choose both the goals we pursue and the behaviors that pursue those goals. Reflect on the relationship between chosen goals and chosen behaviors. Make sure you express a clear understanding of each.

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      When we have a desire, something that we want, it’s often centered on selfishness and foolishness. We want to fulfill a broken desire to feel safe, affirmed, successful etc. We develop a goal that will give us that desired satisfaction, once we have a goal we develop a strategy to get from goal to satisfcation. That strategy can include behaviors and habits that will get us what we want. And not only can the goal be outside the will of God, but the behaviors to get there can also lead us to dark places. I know for a long time, I used alcohol to control my sense of hopelessness that I’d never become what I thought I should become in life. In the moment, the drinking behavior made those terrible feelings go away along with the anxieties connected to it. That’s how I got relief but the goal and the behaviors took me to places I didn’t want to go, left me there longer than I wanted to be there, and took a lot more than I ever thought it would take. That’s a corrupted desire, goal, and strategy to get there that didn’t include the Spirit of God.

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      When I decided to take this SoulCare class, I had to take my circumstances into consideration. Beyond this it was my choice, my decision. Nobody encouraged me or forced me. It was all me. I looked at my calendar and began to put a plan in place. I set a goal of when I wanted to finish and marked out days to work on the lessons. By doing this, I mapped out a plan. Without this plan, I may not have the necessary motivation to reach the end of the class. A goal without strategy or behavior to back it up, will not be completed.

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      Well, I chose the goal of becoming a professional musician. I felt art was something noble, and in hindsight, it seemed like something I could control. I distinctively remembered that I would focus on my music and I decided not to pursue love and marriage. I was 19 and was not confident that I could be a faithful husband or a good father. Love was not something I was good at nor could I control. So I swore off girls and decided to just focus on my music. Took me a while to realise that music, too, was also about people. Rats!

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      We choose goals that make us feel good, goals that support our desire for a better life. If the goal of a better life is what I am shooting for, my behavior will be directed into the path I expect can take me there. It is a selfish choice, and has nothing to do with having God involved in my life. This is idolatry.

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      I will use the Goal of wanting to be out of debt. It was because of a feeling of not wanting to be a slave to the lenders. It was not a desire of necessity but I did make it a desire of importance. The strategy I formulated was to cut back on spending, sticking to a strict budget, and paying down debts as aggressive as possible. The chosen behaviors were that of being frugal with purchases, and being aggressive with paying things down.

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      When we pursue goals that are based on our self-centered demand for satisfaction, our strategy will be likewise self-centered and without God. When our goal is to know God, enjoy God and be a part of His plan, our strategy will be Holy Spirit lead, and pleasing to God.

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      I choose to retire early just at the beginning of this year from a very well paid job. This is my desire that since I am still pretty healthy and I can contribute back to community. This decision surprised a lot of people including my family. They perceive me as an active person with lots to offer and capacity to work. Though I am thrill for their comments, I know this is also my commitment to God. I felt a bit restless as areas that I thought I would volunteer for I heard nothing back. In the meantime, various one off opportunities I had served at church and oversea, thanks to technology. I am gently reminded by God to wait on Him, I have to take time to examine myself, my motives and get to the bottom of things before moving forward. I am so grateful for landing on the Soul Care course. It has helped me a lot.

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      I choose a goal based on what I perceive will ultimately give me the satisfaction I desire. Once I have chosen a goal, I am going to choose to behave in ways that I believe will enable me to get what I want. If they are selfish goals then I will behave in selfish ways to achieve them. If the goal is a successful career with recognition, I may choose to work too much, ignore my wife and kids too much and get angry whenever anything starts frustrating that goal. If my goal is a wife who will make me feel good about myself. I may behave in selfish ways trying to manipulate her into pleasing me.

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      If, when I am choosing my goals, I don’t keep the fact that I am an image-bearer of God at the forefront of my mind, I will choose a lesser goal over my most crucial goal, which is knowing, enjoying, and glorifying God. When this happens I will also choose strategies that are not in line with God’s design, as well. If my goal, for example, is to be a famous actress and popular in the world to feed my insecurities that I am valued, My behavior or strategies to reach that goal will be as corrupt as the goal in the first place. To reach this lesser goal, I may succumb to behaviors that would compromise my integrity, such as using my body to gain a role.

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      When we chose a goal, either very evident to us or not as evident, we need to perform specific action steps to reach those goals. If we chose lesser goals than the God-given need to pursue him, we will chose actions that we think will meet our needs, but will be disappointed with the results as that may meet the perceived need but not the actual need to love Him and others well.

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      Chosen goals are perceived destination. Chosen behavior is what I do to reach the goals.
      If my goal is “unity,” I got to ask myself how do I express that unity? Building a Tower of Babel, or a Body of Christ?
      What is my choice behavior? If I am building a Tower of Babel – it will be at any cost to remove anyone who stands in the way. Unity is expressed through a completed project.
      If I am building the Body of Christ – than with Christ as the cornerstone, we look to Him to embrace the differences of each other, showing compassion and love. Unity is expressed by a loving community.

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      We have a red dot, we look at it and choose where we need to go from that dot to another, where that dot is is placed on my own map, my own view, and how and where I plan to go next is totally influenced by that choice, that original point. whether correct or wrong, decides my course of action, it influences for better or worse the outcome of my journey by that choice and interpretational view of original position.

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      Freedom to choose a goal includes a belief that pursuing that particular goal will satisfy my desires if I pursue it. Then I make choices (my strategy) to move me in that direction. I think this can be conscious or unconscious. We may not be able to articulate the goal we are pursuing or the rationale behind it but we understand the feeling we are pursuing.

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