As volitional beings, we are free to choose both the goals we pursue and the behaviors that pursue those goals. Reflect on the relationship between chosen goals and chosen behaviors. Make sure you express a clear understanding of each.

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      Chosen goals are perceived destination. Chosen behavior is what I do to reach the goals.
      If my goal is “unity,” I got to ask myself how do I express that unity? Building a Tower of Babel, or a Body of Christ?
      What is my choice behavior? If I am building a Tower of Babel – it will be at any cost to remove anyone who stands in the way. Unity is expressed through a completed project.
      If I am building the Body of Christ – than with Christ as the cornerstone, we look to Him to embrace the differences of each other, showing compassion and love. Unity is expressed by a loving community.

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      We have a red dot, we look at it and choose where we need to go from that dot to another, where that dot is is placed on my own map, my own view, and how and where I plan to go next is totally influenced by that choice, that original point. whether correct or wrong, decides my course of action, it influences for better or worse the outcome of my journey by that choice and interpretational view of original position.

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      Freedom to choose a goal includes a belief that pursuing that particular goal will satisfy my desires if I pursue it. Then I make choices (my strategy) to move me in that direction. I think this can be conscious or unconscious. We may not be able to articulate the goal we are pursuing or the rationale behind it but we understand the feeling we are pursuing.

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