As you consider the story of Elie Weisel (shared by Ravi Zacharias), you are confronted with Ravi’s bottom line, “When you talk about the problem of suffering, there is no answer outside the cross of Jesus Christ.” How does this reveal the depth of God’s love for you?

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      Endless. He loves us that much he sent his son to die. I have 3 sons and I don’t think I could do that for….everybody. God could have easily wiped us off the face of the planet and started over. He is, after all, God. But his love for the past and the present and the future peoples of this world was, is and will be so deep. All because he wanted have a personal relationship with us. Simply amazing

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      To really ponder what Christ has done for all mankind is incredible. He takes everyone’s sin, past, present and future, upon himself and pays for it on the cross. The average person most likely would struggle to take anyone else’s payment for sin. Then multiply that by billions of people and all of their sins. It’s really just unfathomable.

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      God loves us enough to send Jesus to suffer on the cross. He suffered for us. He didn’t have to do that. God chose it.

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      The story shared really drove home for me, that God suffers when I suffer. This reiterates one of the earlier lessons for me. If God takes away all suffering, we would no longer have free will. The cost for free will and freedom is very high. We were called to be free. But we are not to use our freedom as license to sin. (Gal. 5:13)

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      That God so loved us the He came down from heaven and took our sins on himself that we would be set free and can find eternal life through Jesus who did deserve the pain and suffering but went through for his love of us

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      God feels our suffering. He loves us, so our suffering causes Him pain. When we are suffering the most, He is also feeling that.

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      God did no need to send His son to suffer for our sins. He could have, like the Old Testament flood, wiped us off the earth, but he did not. He, instead offered His only son as a sacrifice for our sins. How much must He loves us to do that.

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      God was willing to spare his Son for our evil. We caused Christ’s suffering. So when you think of it, we are guilty of the evil in the world. God did stop it by dying on the cross. Because of his death there will be no more evil

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      God doesn’t need to suffer. He is God. But because He loved us and wanted a relationship with us, He had to hold us accountable to our sin. Our sin is what causes our suffering. Because of His great love for us, He made a way for us to live; the only way was through the sacrifice of Jesus. God gave what was most dear to Himself, His Son. And Jesus loved us so much that He accepted the suffering in our place. This is what real love is; sacrifice for those you love.

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