As you observed the ritual bath in the video, what other examples of ritual cleansing from your religious experiences came to mind? What was their meaning for you?

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      Baptism as a baby, holy communion, confirmation, asking a priest for repentance. It really have any meaning for me. I did it because my family wanted me to.

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      My first thought was baptism. My wife and I got baptised at the same time, but I saw it less as being “saved” and more of an outwardly expression of accepting Christ. Not a lot of people agree with me on that one. Many I spoke to see the ritual of emersion baptism as the necessity of being saved rather than accepting Jesus Christ.

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      Gildas ange clyve

      I thought about baptism and traditional cleansing ritual carried out by some tribes in my home country. They do not have any meaning for me because I have never been interested in them.

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      My baptism came to mind when I saw this. I chose to be baptized in front of the church and my family before leading a women’s Bible study at church. I wanted to do it, but felt that I needed this cleansing of self so I could be open to God’s leading in our study.

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      Karla Joy

      For me, what came to mind when I thought about the cleansing… was Prayer and the importance of praying. I have to pray daily for cleansing , and I think it’s really important to keep the condition of our own hearts in check ( aside from taking baths to get clean) we have got to bathe our hearts in Prayer and the Word. When I think about cleansing, I think about burning raw incense and praying. I believe it’s so important to pray. That is our direct communication with God. Without Prayer , we can never get clean on the inside.

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        I love thinking of being bathed in prayer. Prayer is so important to getting our minds and hearts right on a daily basis.

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      Our Daily Bread
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