As you see the cattle car used to carry Jews to the death camps of World War II, what thoughts most vividly come to your mind? Are you able to enter into their experience?

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      Some of these cattle cars would pass Christian churches. The congregation could here the cries and pleas of the Jews. The congregation chose to sing louder rather than intervene.
      I can only enter into the experience of the Jews on a didactic level. Our hearts are desperately wicked. There are the perpetrators of evil and the evil of those who chose to look away. The photos and exhibits of the holocaust’s events are gut wrenching, yet they only bring me to a place of little understanding. After seeing the photos & displays at the holocaust museum (Washington D.C.) I was struck by the paralel evil of present day abortions. Over 300000 deaths a year. There is blood on our hands.

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      Sadness, grief and an eagerness to help. People should never be forced to be treated like that. I could never imagine being in their shoes or going through what they have

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      I don’t have personal experience that could even come close to comparing to such suffering that would allow me to enter that experience. I imagine horror.

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      This is the end of me! I need a Savior to rescue me and give me strength. These are the words that came vivid in my mind when I see the cattle. Yes; I can enter into that experience. When I was given the diagnostic of positive HIV, on the phone; on my work lunch time, away from my family and friends, I felt such agony that I believe can be compared to what people in that cattle must felt.

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      I would not pretend to even try and enter into the horrific experience that they must have had during that time. The thoughts that most vividly comes to mind are how horrible human beings are and how far we’ve fallen since creation. It saddens me that we are so evil, but it also reminds me of how much we need the guidance of the Holy Spirit and God’s word.

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      I picture all the people being stuffed in the car with no room to move or even breath. I feel the fear that they must have felt. I think about the u certainty they must have felt. The questions that must have gone through their minds as far as how God would allow this to happen.

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      Thinking of 300 people jammed in that car that was for 30 cattle, breaks my heart. And they were there simply because of how they were born, and because one person decided they weren’t desirable. They were people but treated worse than animals. This was not how God planned for humanity. Their suffering brought about great change in the end.

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      I remember an experience shared with my class by a teacher who had visited one of the Nazi concentration camps in the early 1960s. She described a punishment box that was used to hold up to a dozen prisoners. It was too small to fit her husband shoulders. I find the depths of humankind’s inhumanity to one another hard to contemplate. I weep for all those those who have met with such evil and, at times, I despair for the future of humanity.

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