As you studied Luke 24:13-32, what impressed you most about the idea of bringing divine dialogue with you throughout your entire day?

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      Jason Smith

      I found this outline very helpful as I reflected on my own prayer life. I’m encouraged to think that Jesus invites me to talk to Him about the things that I am processing, such as events in my life. I acknowledge that I have a “keyhole” perspective and therefore must surrender to Him and allow Him to reveal Himself on His own terms. Continuing this pattern of divine dialogue throughout my day puts me in a position to have my heart and mind opened by Christ to see His revelation in each moment.

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      Walking with God throughout the day.

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      always have God on our minds and be prepared to bring Him into our daily conversations. Divine encounters, conversations, and God honoring discussions. As well as evangelism opportunities.

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      God directs our steps all day. He wants to be a part of all of our day. Being in dialogue with Christ all day, keeps our focus on Him and leading a Godly life. He will give us the strength we need for the task at hand. Being in divine dialogue brings peace to the day and all the distractions.

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      That God wants to be a part of your whole day and by bringing divine dialogue with you through out the whole day you are in constant contact with Him. You are able to tell Him what problems you are having at any given time during the day. You will have constant guidance from Him through the Holy Spirit.

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      The obvious beginning point is that I must, first–have–the dialogue, and allow Christ and His Word to guide it. Then, I am more likely to understand every significant event, relationship, and decision in terms of the truth I am learning by communicating with God.

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      The passage reminds me that God cares so much about me that He will not permit that I go on life without Him. He will go through my journeys and step into my issues till I return to where He desires me to be.

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      Having dialogue with God throughout my day helps me to stay close to Him and to allow the Holy Spirit to guide and direct me.

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      Divine dialogue throughout the day brings me closer to God and enables me to see Him more clearly in the world around me as my day gets busy. It helps me to see Jesus in others and slows me down to the wonder and beauty of Creation all around me.

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      Jesus wants to walk with us in all that we go through, not just the big events.

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      The bible says we need to “pray without ceasing”. Having a constant dialogue with the Lord will keep us close to Him throughout our days.

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      Jesus draws near to us, always, even when our eyes aren’t open. But through divine dialogue with Him, prayer, time in the Word, our eyes can continue to be opened and our communication with Him will grow.

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      Having a relationship with the Lord means your going to continue to talk throughout your day just as you would your friend or your parents and giving them an update. Giving them prayer request to pray over as you walk into certain areas. Just makes sense.

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      Jesus explains how the Scriptures were speaking of him. The Word of God opens peoples’ eyes.

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      Lingering longer, as the women at the Tomb did, yields a more intimate interaction with Jesus. Sometimes we leave our quiet times much too soon, especially in times of confusion and grief. On the road, the two men were honest, forthright and curious. They listened and learned, the invited further and deeper dialogue with this stranger who turned out to be the very One, Jesus Christ Himself. Transparency, vulnerability, openness and curiosity are all wonderful tools used in God’s hands to draw us to Himself, but we must linger there, waiting for His response, silently waiting and listening through His Spirit and His Word.

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      Jesus draws near to the two in their sadness. This is encouraging that God is compassionate. Also, Jesus brought the two back to his word, which just reminds me how important it is to meditate and think on Jesus’ Word and to have it stored in our hearts.

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      Having a divine dialogue is a blessing and gift ordained by God. I feel as if we are strong in our prayer, God will be closer than a brother.

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      That I have a wonderful and awesome Father who listens to me. It gives me the sense of spiritual excitement and the feeling of being privilege to commune with the Heavenly Father, not just on this side of Heaven but throughout eternity!

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      Jesus came to not just die for us, but to send His Spirit to live within us so that we could remain in constant fellowship with Him. Divine dialogue is a gift. Jesus teaches us as we go. We seek Him and He reveals His answers to us in His time and in His way.

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      Katie Harrell

      I liked where it said God is and should be our companion, not just someone we talked to at the last rest stop.

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      To consider that God is with me at all times is both encouraging and sobering. I’d like it to lean more to the encouraging side so as to be a strength and wind in my sails consistently.

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      The comment about looking at life’s events through a keyhole made a lot of sense. We don’t see the big picture, only God does. We don’t know anywhere near what God does. We need to stay connected to Jesus throughout the day to learn more and more what the “big picture” is.

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      It just makes sense. Why would we not lean on God throughout the day?

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      Have God in every second of your day

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      it’s a simple way to remember God in everything you do, giving Him more focus of your day/life.

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      Divine dialogue is to be with the simple faith of a child while abiding in the kingdom of God.
      A child is always conscious of the presence of their parent even when not in plain sight. Oswald Chambers said
      we are to be ‘haunted’ by the presence of our daddy God. What are you and I haunted by?

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      It shows importance of having relationship with God as He wants us to learn about him and to know as He knows us. It also shows importance of Mathew 7 21-23 ‘I never knew you’

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      Being a Christian means being a “little Christ”. I often think of it as “doing what Christ did”. Although there is truth in that, the heart of the Christian should be the relationship with God. The journey is ongoing. The idea of bringing divine dialogue with me throughout the day is a reminder to abide in Christ (John 15). God is alive and desires an ongoing relationship with us. I am afraid we boil down Christianity to a list of moral and ethical behaviors and ideologies, when in reality it is about living a life of worship for the glory of God!

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      That as we Journey through this thing called life that God/Jesus can be talked just like a friend. And that they love it when we include them in our lives.

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      That God wants to be a part of it.. He desires to walk with us, know us, love us.. in the little and the big details. How amazing!

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      I think the older I get the more I see the need for this. I am constantly more aware of my short comings and how much I need him. This is an area that God has helped me to grow in for sure.

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      That I have a wonderful and awesome Father who listens to me. It gives me the sense of spiritual excitement and the feeling of being privilege to commune with the Heavenly Father, not just on this side of Heaven but throughout eternity!

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      bring divine dialouge will allow me to be at piece with my self and focus on god

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      I already pray consistently.

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      Carrying divine dialogue throughout the day is an extended meditation and opportunity to hear better how to apply that word in life experience. I see this as a bridge to the scripture’s relevance in real time.

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      Bringing divine dialogue with me all-day ensures my being in God’s divine presence continually albeit as best as humanly possible.

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      I need to encounter Christ in real life situations and ponder on God’s ways and then research, in the Bible to know God better. Also, to look for conversations with other believers to help understand God throughout the interaction.

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      Our Daily Bread
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