At the beginning of this program we learned: “People have many reasons for rejecting the Christian faith. Some may admire Christ but dislike His followers. Others find it difficult to accept any faith that claims to be the only way to God. Why would anyone limit themselves to only one of the world’s great religions?” How valid are each of these objections? What is your response to each?

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      1. People have many reasons for rejecting….
      Many people believe Jesus was a good and even a great person or a prophet, but to go further to say He is the Savior of the world is a whole different topic. People want to deny that eternity or life after death is a real thing so why believe. Some “Christians make it hard for people to believe because being a Christian is just a title, not a true relationship. The example has become tainted therefore it is hard for some people to believe through the bad examples.
      2. Others find it difficult to accept…
      Again, it is easier to believe that we don’t really need God or that eternity exists than to believe there isn’t one way to God.
      3. Why would anyone limit themselves….
      Our tolerant society makes the claim that each one choose what to believe. It is a work of the enemy to set a mind to this deceitful way of looking at God an eternity.

      There is no validity is each statement. Faith to believe means to accept God at His Word. Believing in the absolute inerrancy of the Bible is the foundation of our view of everything. It is easy to believe that everyone just goes about things as they see it, but to know and see as the Spirit gives discernment is truly finding the Way, the Truth and the Life.

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      People reject the Christian faith because of lack of belief of a sovereign deity which includes God and Son united. It’s difficult to embrace One God capable of controlling nature and human beings. The limitation exist but followers cannot explain the creation nor the miraculous occurrences attributed to Jesus. Valid objections because of lack of knowledge and referral to believe, I Am the Great I Am.

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      There are plenty of Christ’s followers that I dislike, but the point is to love them. I, myself, am unlikable at times – because we are all sinners. We aren’t supposed to base our faith on His followers but on HIM!

      He is the only way because He is the only one to fulfill all prophecy. He shows this over and over in Scripture. The rest of the “leaders” of other religions are dead. They cannot claim to be able to overcome it, when they themselves have not.

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      Admiring Christ but disliking his followers: Our belief is not based on the followers of Jesus Christ. Our belief is based on Jesus Christ, period. There are some of his followers who I wasn’t real crazy about too, but they are just men, not God. Men have faults. Our focus needs to be on Jesus.

      Find it difficult to accept any faith that claims to be the only way to God: This one is hard for me to respond to because I know that there is only one way to God. I guess for those who find it difficult to accept this, I would say that God created the earth and everything and everyone in it. How could it be any other way. I think that some people have a rough time seeing this because they have grown up in a different faith or belief system. I think we pray and show kindness and try to lead them to God.

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      Lindsay Wiemers

      I believe others find it difficult to accept any faith much less Christianity because of religious hypocrisy. Many families attend church on Sunday, but the “work” is not put in during the week. “We” are quick to judge, quick to turn a blind eye, and quick to not follow the saying….What Would Jesus Do? Another reason people reject Christianity is gospel inoculation. They think they’ve heard the gospel and rejected it, when in reality what they rejected was not the gospel but a dead (false) form of the real thing. Gospel inoculation is a huge problem in countries like America, where there are churches in every town and country all across the nation. Because of this, just about everyone in America has heard something of the Christian message at some point in their life.

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      I have met many people over the years who have a rough time believing in Jesus being the Son of God and in Christianity itself and I have noticed that it is many times a pride issue, not being willing to humble themselves to the fact that there is a greater power than them that is actually in control of all things when they are not. I have also met many who say they believe in God, but they have a tough time believing that there is only one way to get to Him and that if there was only one way, they definitely don’t believe is Jesus Christ. With the world that we currently live in and all of the different doctrines that exist, it definitely takes a supernatural softening of the heart in order to believe that Jesus is Who He claims to be. In our flesh, there is no way our eyes could be opened to believe completely in Jesus and what He can do because it goes against what we naturally see completely. But, if I were to have a conversation with anyone who makes these objections right now, I would ask them to consider the alternative. If Jesus is not Who He says He is, then we are not any worse off for not believing. But, if He is Who He says (and He is), then our best live can only be found in taking Him at His Word because the same miracles He performed in Scripture, He is still able to perform today. This is not one of the world’s great religions, but the world’s greatest relationship and that is what separates Christianity from all other doctrines.

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      When considering individual interpretation, we would have to consider provided evidence and claims to the separate cases. For the first claim for the disliking of His followers. In this case how did his followers interpret the miracles of the Messiah, was it a challenge to their personal beliefs? or was it how the individual was educated during their time of redemption.
      The next claim we have to configure individual acceptance of faith. For this we have to consider how the individual is approaching the faith, and level of understanding, or challenges to the faith to guide them to the truth, and that is his word.
      Finally, the validity we are discovering more and more everyday when it comes to Gods interpretation upon his miracles to how we view them. In these cases it is best to educate others and ourselves so that we can better understand our own faith. As different backgrounds grows with diversity I personally feel that It is very important to guide others to the Truth and that is God’s words and ways.

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      Jesus is God. People may time limit themselves to only one of the world’s religions because it is all they know. It is all that they have been taught. Regions are something that many don’t seek, not because it isn’t important but because there are so many other false Gods of the world. I feel that Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for me. Who else would die for my sins? I myself find it hard to even think about dying, but he did just that.

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      Why wouldn’t you believe in Jesus, He did that which was prophesied he cast out demons, healed the sick, cripples walk, blind eyes open, sanity restored, He preached love forgiveness. I think people like want what Jesus represents they want to be like He but also live the way they want to, they don’t understand that there is joy an peace in holiness being saved is fun, exciting , interesting, full of wonderment grace and mercy, ones who don’t like Christian my have encountered the overly zealous christian who If you don’t believe straight to hell with you no compassion, the wishy-washy saved one day in the world the next always making excuses, ones who fight an kill believe that salvation is only for certain races they haven’t read or understood who Jesus is haven’t come to the full knowledge of who God is, or have felt the tug of God an are afraid to yeld.

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      Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit are three in one. Jesus is the way, the truth, and life and only he is the perfect one.
      No human is perfect except Christ, it is making sense that we do not like his followers because they are also human and they are not perfect either.

      Jesus has come to experience how does it feel to be like a human on earth, he has sacrificed for us and died for our sins. Through Jesus, we can be connected with God, and also how God understands us from heaven.

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      I feel people may limit themselves to only one of the worlds religions sometimes based on what their upbringing is and not from what they have personally witnessed. Some people are so science based that they wont open their mind to their being God or anything that is not scientific. I feel that you really have to study history and everything that has actually been proven from the scriptures. You cannot base your view of Christianity by interacting with the people you have to base it off of the Bible and its teachings

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      The OT tells us that true messengers were distinguished from the false by the miracles they performed – the people tested the claims of the prophets. Jesus’s words can be backed up by the miracles He performed. His miracles demonstrated power over disease, nature, the spirit world, and death. His direct claims to be the Son of God and that He was one with the Father are congruous with His personality and support the truth of Christianity. Much as Jesus’s followers were always caught off guard by His power, we, too, should always experience that awe and see that Jesus is truly the only way to God.

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      Some may admire Christ but dislike His followers.
      This is a difficult one because I too often dislike his followers. My response to this, though, is that you are looking at the wrong beings. If you want to know about Christ, you have to look at Christ. If you want to know about Christians, you can look at Christians, but don’t take them as the authority on Christ. There are varying degrees of Christ knowledge in the Christian community and since being a Christ follower is such a personal and individual choice, going on other people’s success or lack there of in following Christ is a misinformed measurement of the credibility of Christ.

      Others find it difficult to accept any faith that claims to be the only way to God
      People are trying to have their cake and eat it too. I actually think God is so much bigger than the boundaries of religion. The goodness of God is found in many people of many different religions. The salvation of God is chronicled in one religion but exercised in faith. It is personal, but Christ is the only acceptable ultimate sacrifice. Reliance on perfection, good works and karma certainly doesn’t seem very safe considering it relies on me. I’m unreliable. Christ isn’t. Christ did what he said he would do and was who he said he was. I would rather the assurance that comes from His credibility than the possibility of relying on my own imperfections to be enough.

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      I think that everyone’s questions, doubts, or objections are valued and important to discuss. I think going to the Bible for answers is the only way to solidify one’s faith in Christ. The Bible makes it clear why Christianity is the one religion that brings us to God.

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      The topic about God has become taboo to talk about in schools, workplaces and the media, also many Christians are often afraid about being viewed as weird or bigot. Therefore there are many closet Christians.

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      There are some admire Christ but dislike His followers because they do not see Jesus in his followers. To be Jesus followers mean to sacrifice but most christian follow Jesus for comfort. That’s make people think Christian is only another religion because some times behavior of other religion is much better than Christian.

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      The validity for their reasons of not believing the Christian faith is is not valid to us but it is to the individual if their eyes and heart are closed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. To pray for the individual that God would open their eyes and heart so that they may see Jesus Christ and receive and accept Him as their Lord and Savior !!!

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      We all dislike to be told what to do. Many people who call themselves christians are misrepresenting our beliefs. As human beings, we get upset when told there is only one way to God. Freedom is their religion.

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      Sara Burks

      Those who reject these beliefs often have trouble submitting themselves to something fully- they are always seeking more. You must fully submit to the Lord.

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      Jesus’s claims and miracles were accurate and valid based on numerous eyewitness accounts. He and the Father are one. Therefore He has the authority to calm storms and bring healing and restoration as revealed in Scripture. Since He established His authority as “I AM”, there is no other way to God. No man comes to the Father except through Jesus, His Son.

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      These objections make sense coming from the world’s point of view, but are not valid.

      Disliking Christ’s followers (or Christians) stems from hypocrisy that comes from being human. As a human, who isn’t perfect, we make mistakes. Sometimes these are large and in the public eye. Those moments, paint a picture of Christianity that isn’t a true picture of who Christ is.

      A person would limit themselves to one religion because Jesus is the only one in all religions to show that He is who He said He is. He is “the way, the truth and the life”. The only way, truth and life.

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      A reason someone might limit themselves to only one of the world’s great religions is that they offer comfort and truth. When one believes in a higher power, such as Jesus Christ, they put their faith into something bigger than themselves. They need not worry about the petty problems on this world because their hope is found in an eternal God that promises an aterlife of complete and utter joy. For example, when one chooses to follow Jesus and accept Him as their Savior, they no longer have to put their hope in this world. Christianity promises salvation when you accept Jesus as your God and Savior. It is not “limiting” but instead FREEING when one chooses to follow Jesus Christ.

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      If one truly studies the Scriptures and sees how Jesus’ life on earth fulfilled all that was foretold of Messiah coming and how He would die, one cannot deny the truth. The fact that there are so many prophecies in Scripture that were fulfilled show that this did not happen by chance. Jesus was foretold of being born of a virgin, born in Bethlehem, suffering on the cross, being the eternal king of which His reign would never end, etc. All of these were written by different authors at different times in History yet they all were fulfilled in Christ. If those Pharisees had really read the Old Testament Scriptures, they would have seen it too! Because of the life Jesus lived, HE is THE WAY, THE TRUTH, and THE LIFE. Truly, no one can earn their way to heaven through different religions. Jesus had to COME DOWN to us – Emmanuel – God With Us. The Lord spoke of this all through the Old Testament.

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      Woo seob

      Religion around the world asks, “Why is Christianity the only way to salvation?” Nevertheless, based on the Bible, I am saying that Jesus is the only way to salvation. In today’s expansion of pluralism, the responsibility of our Christians is great.

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      I do think that non-Christians have a somewhat distorted view of Christianity itself, and so that may affect their views of Christians. Some that admire Christ, admire Him for reasons that are not grounded in truth, but conjecture. When they take that distorted view of Christ and try to apply it to Christians, they don’t line up correctly. Some may admire Christ for his example without context, and this also distorts the view of a Christian. Others love the notion that we are to love everyone, but they don’t acknowledge the other parts of the Christian faith. Sin is not a part of some people’s view of Christ’s teachings, but it is in their view of Christ followers.
      The exclusivity of only one way to God does turn some people away from Christianity. If there is only one way, they cannot fathom how that can be fair or just. If there is only one way won’t some people be left behind? If you don’t want to follow along with all of the teachings of Christianity, some may feel Christ is playing favorites, and only allowing certain people to seek and find Him.
      Though there are many world religions, only one will get you to God. If you study the great religions of the world, you may find things you like in each. However, these religions don’t have Jesus. They do not have someone who claims to be God, nor do they have someone willing to die for them. None of the other religions want a relationship with their followers. Jesus wants us.
      Though I understand that each of these objections may have valid points, Jesus overtakes all the objections. His actions speak louder than any statement that could ever be made by any of the other world religions.

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      Christine Sweeney

      I think that many people have the wrong idea about what it means to be a Christian. Before I got saved the stereo-type that I had about a Christian was that I had to be perfect and do no wrong. It wasn’t until a wise woman of God took me under her wings and taught me that Jesus was the ONLY human that ever walked this earth that was perfect. Why are we surprised when a Pastor or other Christians fail or get tempted by the schemes of the devil? They are NOT Jesus. They are human too. Yes, they are held to a higher standard because of their position in the church. However, they are still NOT Jesus. They are just like any other human. They were just called to be the vessel that God delivers His message through. They are still tempted. They are still sinful. The people that reject the Christian faith usually haven’t had a true encounter with Jesus, if ever. They may know who God is but their Pride has kept them from accepting Jesus as their Savior. Let’s be real for a minute. Nobody really likes being told what to do. Why would someone want to attend a church that’s going to keep you accountable for all of your sins??? That’s where humility comes in. For some it may take them to hit “Rock Bottom’ before they will finally surrender their life to a God that they can’t see or a Jesus who made a dead man get up and walk again. That just seems crazy. I was one of those skeptics. When I heard of someone getting saved I thought they had become a Jesus Freak. Even though I made fun of it I was curious. What would make me want to follow Jesus? That’s no fun. People make fun of things that they don’t understand or don’t know the facts about. I knew who God was. I went to church on most Sundays and Holidays. I prayed over my meals on Holidays. However, I didn’t KNOW God. After I got saved I was on Fire for God! I wanted everyone to experience what I had. So I told my best friend thinking she would say, “Wow!! that’s so cool, I am so excited for you.” But instead she said I was acting like I was better than her???? What???? That was not my heart at all. I was just so excited. People get offended about things they don’t understand or don’t know the facts about. Offense is a big tool that Satan uses to push people away from the church and away from Christian believers. I have learned over the years that Jesus spoke the Truth in Love. We can not force people into a relationship with Jesus or force them to go to church unless they first feel loved. Jesus developed a relationship with His disciples first and then he taught them a little at a time. He didn’t perform all of the miracles at once. It takes baby steps with new believers. Don’t be pushy or you will push them away forever.

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      Through my study and personal faith, these objections are not valid.

      “…Some may admire Christ but dislike His followers. ”
      If a person objects based on this thought process, then is the person looking to worship Christ or his followers? As humans, we will always come up short.

      “Others find it difficult to accept any faith that claims to be the only way to God.”
      When considering this line of thinking, we also need to consider who Jesus is. He is, “the way, the truth, and the life.”…and the son of God who performed miracles, which leads to his credibility. Rather than being a restrictive claim that there is only way to God, it is a clear path for a person to choose.

      “Why would anyone limit themselves to only one of the world’s great religions?”
      Why would a person look to devote themselves to multiple? Christianity isn’t as much a religion as it is a relationship.

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      I would say that to live for Jesus you have to completely change your life. You must have the true God ruling over you. That’s why people don’t really want to accept the Christian faith. There’s a price and people are not unwilling to pay it.

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      Unlike driving home or to work, you can take multiple ways to and from and reach your destination. The Christian faith does not allow that comfort. Jesus is way the truth and the light. To get to God there is no other way. We have to stand firm on our faith and belief, we can not afford to waver in the Faith.

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      The one thing I realized that people that trust or believe in something higher than themselves will believe in Jesus Christ. The would have had an encounter with him and understand that they are not the ones that are in control of there own destiny. I don’t believe they are valid in there objections but really take the time and search Jesus as well as their own heart and ask themselves the question why he/she is not open to learning about Jesus and trusting that as the word says he will never leave you or forsake you. That NO ONE is left without adversity in their lives and because of that relationship there is a peace that surpasses all understanding.

      When you get in a relationship with a person you get to know him/her understand them trust them gain, faith, trust , love and hope in them. It would be great that people that are non believers that religion is about relationship. When you are in relationship you thought process is different you interaction are more positive. When I talk to non-believers one thing I find in common is that we the believers are not consistent in our walk and makes them not understand so if we they called out walk more uprightly towards Jesus they could be a different outlook on coming to Jesus. The wave of believers living uprightly would also have a positive impact for nonbelievers to make a change.

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      In my opinion, I see many people turning away from Christianity not because of the teachings of Christ but because of what they see in believers today . They see the selfish and fallen sinful nature of man. Today many who profess to be followers of Christ and those in ministry especially have lived a secret sinful life and portrayed a holy outward life. When people of other faiths see this, they do not want to be a part of it. They would much rather be in a different faith or an atheist as they do not see Christ’s love in action. My response would be to ask them to see Christ for who He is and follow Him and not mere man as all men are sinners and are bound to sin. If we follow men and not Christ, we are setting ourselves for failure as we will be disappointed sooner or later.

      There are also those who have a very difficult time admitting that Jesus is THE only way. For example, the Hindus do not have any problem with adding Christ as one of their gods along with their millions they already worship, and struggle to leave their tradition and past habits. There is also the fear of being accepted in one’s society or family after their bold profession of faith. To this, my response would be to let them know that following Christ is not like a trial and error or return/ exchange when you become disappointed. or unsure. This will be an all or nothing decision very similar to a marriage covenant. God seeks to have our whole heart. Therefore, as he gave His all for us, we need to surrender our all to HIM

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      Jesus’ selection of disciples was after a night of prayer seeking His Father’s will. They were ordinary people who share the same human responses which we have. Therefore, we can see ourselves in their thoughts and actions.
      His miracles attest to His dirty. The God-Man had at the beginning of time been a part of the Holy Trinity who shared in creating in all things. Jesus’ sustains all of creation. Consequently, if He makes the statement of being the only way to the Father, being able to control the natural elements and power over sin and death, He needs to be believed.

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      Luke Holzschuh

      I believe that these are objections that many people have and they are even objections that I’ve thought in my own head. However, once we start reading the Bible and diving into the word of God, we can start to dismiss these objections. I love to also read books from C.S. Lewis and other great authors that can help me understand the readings better. There have been many people that have tried to prove that the Bible is wrong, however they have come up empty handed. As followers of Jesus we need to try to be like Jesus and we need to love all our neighbors and serve others, this will help non believers start to believe in the Bible. The people that don’t believe there is one way to God are not fully versed in the Bible, once you read the Bible and believe it, you will understand that this statement is true. The last objection is false, because we can only worship one God and that God is Jesus.

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      I believe one of the biggest objection to Christ is that one starts to read the Word of God the conviction eaither forces you to reevaluate your life and or put the Word down because you don’t want to be told you are wrong and very wrong. The next biggest issue I believe is the brick and Mortar Church or what I call the false Church, the amount of contradictions that come from the ministries today will not only push the seeker away but it also fights against the believer. The third problem is the doctrine that is being preached is mostly false meaning that it has been mixed with self help philosophy so one who hears it can pick and choose what they want and then they can get the same type of doctrine from something not of Christ

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      Most people reject the Christian Faith because nowadays they do not see Christ likeness being reflected in the church and even the members of the church. For one, Christians who carry the name of Christ have compromised their faith and have not really followed in the footsteps of Jesus who walked in holiness,righteousness and humility. Nevertheless people have looked at people rather than in the Jesus of the Bible hence reject the Christian Faith- as a child of God we need to walk the talk and reflect Christ likeness in our life and character because our faith without works is dead. . Some Christians have lost their lights and are not salty anymore however despite all the shortcomings of man , the Word of God remains and everything else will fall and pass away but the World of God will remain.So we need to refer them back to the Word of God.
      The Word of God does not even mention religion but states that Jesus is the way , the truth and the light no one comes to the Father but through me. Jesus did not come to earth to give man a religion , because religion is man’s way of reaching out to God. Jesus came to restore our relationship to God through His death on the cross, burial and resurrection. SO most of the objections stated above are just man’s excuse to continue and do their own way, live a life without accountability to the Maker. Many people are self willed nowadays or perhaps they have not really heard of the gospel or understood it . It takes much prayer and patience in sharing the Word of God so that man may be convicted of sin and give their heart to Jesus

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      Christianity today, especially in the Western cultures, has been watered down in order to reach a broader audience. Churches are hesitant to speak on the bold claims and truths found in the Bible for fear of offending people. We’ve created a Christianity that is lukewarm so everyone can feel comfortable and free to mold God into their worldview. When Christians begin speaking the truths found in the Bible, that is when many people begin to reject the faith and turn away. This is because following Christ was not meant to be easy, and many people are still conformed to the world.

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      Judith kamugisha

      People have many reasons for rejecting Christian faith. Some may admire Christ but dislike His followers. This is because many people still loving the world. And the Bible telling us if someone love the world. To love God it is impossible.

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      People rejecting the Christian faith simply because of their own ideas (materialism ideas they have),others they don’t like Christianity faith by thinking to lack freedom of doing what they want in some places, others admire christ because of his kindness, mercies, and compassion to all people which he had shown the time he was on the earth and still progressing, people sometimes dislike his followers and this is true even a Bible has shown us and church history many followers were excuted clearly Jesus said that as a believers we are no longer part of the world that’s why people hates followers in John chapter 15:19,17-14,16,Jesus spoke to his followers and prayed God to protect them,lastly accepting God or unaccepting is a matter of freedom and choice people pushing away A gospel because there are not ready to receive changes in their lives.

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      As we live in a society as in UK, god as been pushed out of society in many ways, hospitals, schools , workplaces etc
      When we do meet people on the streets to talk to them we can come across as weird and strange, so whats should be normal to us, its the opposite to them. They reach out to the god of medicines ie doctors, we reach out to Jesus to heal and he does heal.
      we been conditioned to pay for everything , everything as a price and a few cant believe that we go on the streets to pray for people for free, there thinking is there must be a catch or hook.
      In general people dismiss the true gospel of the good news of Jesus because they might have heard about or of Jesus but dont understand its a working relationship with Jesus and miss out on his miracles

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      I think people are so afraid of upsetting people, and so many want to believe that we all have our “own truths” (you believe what you want, I will believe what I want, etc). People do not like the idea that so many people are incorrect when it comes to religion and what to believe. I think people like the idea of Christ because he was kind, he was a good example, and did wonderful things while on earth. I think people reject his followers because there are many people who are hypocrites that are Christians, and they feel “judged”. I believe these concerns do sound valid, but when you really think about it, there cannot be more than one truth.

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      Both objections are valid, in my opinion, because people come to these objections based on what they see and can’t see. I think anyone could read the biographical accounts of Jesus at the start of the New Testament, and conclude that He was amazing man and that the world would be a better place if people loved like He did. However, when those same readers walk away from the book and see, in the world around them, a good number of people who profess to believe and follow Jesus but don’t look like they’ve been changed by Him or are trying to look like Him, that’d create a huge hurdle to get over. What’s the point in buying into a mission if those claiming to be a part of it don’t see to show fruit? Obviously, those who are saints through Jesus are still sinners in the present times, and I know a fall back is “we are all hypocrites,” but I think people today – especially in America – see “Christians” who are primarily driven by personal rights and gains, and sometimes politics, and those “Christians” then tie scripture into their reasonings. And, I don’t say all that guilt-free… I’ve seen it in me as I get older. I wonder, if I were able to see myself as another person might, would I be drawn into the faith being claimed.

      I think the second objection is valid because it is based on what we can’t see. As believers, we obviously know and believe the claims of our scriptures, and hopefully the Spirit continues to train our senses to see God at work and as our source, but if a person has a buffet of the different faiths and all their practices/commands/etc, in front of them, it wouldn’t be easy to say, “Yeah, that’s the only right one.” It takes a humility and willingness to allow the Spirit to work.

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      I believe that the unbelievers do not believe because they don’t want to follow Jesus, they want to keep their own free will. People make up reasons why they would reject Jesus teaching. Not liking someone is no reason to not follow Christ. Why leave eternity to chance because you dislike someone. Others don’t like that Jesus claims he is the only way. What other religious leaders have done what Christ did, taught as Christ or prophesy so accurately as Christ did. He is the only way to the father.

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      Terry ann

      1. For those who admire Christ but dislike His followers: It is a sad esstate for us believers to misrepresent out God. There is a scripture that says, ‘they will know the Father by our love for eachother’. With all of the hyprocosy, judgement and arrogance in our lives at times, we give the wrong impression to the unbeliever of who our God’s character is like. Why would they want to have anything to do with a God, with people, followers, children like that? They have plenty of that from the world. I totally understand their assesement.

      2. Why would anyone limit themselves to only one of the world’s great religions? I believe that many are not relying on truth and are liberal in their thinking. That everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, their own God. They don’t understand nor accept that there is 1, absolute truth, 1 God who created all there is. The world has taught us to be accepting of all opinions and beliefs that this is the right thing to do, thus… not impose our views upon them… a lie to keep our faith to ourselves and the truth hidden.

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      Kevin Menear

      Some may admire Christ but dislike His followers: Paul, one of the greatest pillars of the history of Christianity, admitted that we are all sinners, and proclaimed that he was the worst. Though we are followers of Christ, we are not Christ himself. We strive to be pure vessels for His Spirit, but we are not pure. My failings, our failings, are not the failings of God, but the failings of the fallen world from which He sent His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to save us.

      Others find it difficult to accept any faith that claims to be the only way to God: If you believe that there are many ways to God, then ultimately you are believing in one way (the way of many ways), which in itself is paradoxical. Furthermore, either there is only one way, a limited number of ways but more than one, or an infinite number of ways to God. If you believe that there are a limited number of ways to God, then you run into the same issue of only one way to God: how would you choose which ways are true ways to God? Maybe you would say that it is only “good” ways that lead to God, but how do you define good? Ultimately, you will find that your many, limited ways to God are really just the one way to God in which you currently believe. If you believe there are an unlimited number of ways to God, then you would likely go against your own sense of what you describe, in that you would admit unrepentant serial killers and psychopaths as journeying towards God.

      Why would anyone limit themselves to only one of the world’s great religions?: Each of the “great” religions proclaims itself as the one, true way to God. It is either one or none. If you believe you can follow all/multiple of them, you run into the same issues described above.

    • #95285528

      My response: I believe that each of these objections are valid. Because People always want to be free and to do what they desires. For me growing up in a different religious back ground I needed to understand and ensure that the Christian faith and it’s belief is serving the same God as I did, even though all followers of Christ are not always believers, I need to experience Christian Apologetic for myself and others in a great religion. I believe The Christian faith because it has been defended, supported and proven with historical facts and is in agreement with living righteous lives that represent what the Bible teaches.

    • #95284572

      Thtough faith believing in God , the holy The Holy Spirit and himself. I believe anything is possible Jesus had to have faith also in himself or he would never have been able to attempt the miracles he performed

    • #95282129

      Some may admire Christ but dislike His followers:

      Sadly, there are those that have experienced abuse of some kind by supposed Christians. If an individual has suffered the cruelties of a supposed Christian, then they will be marred and make many assumptions regarding other Christians. In my experience those that reject Christ due to a follower is the result of a said Christian not acting and portraying a true Christ like reflection.

      Others find it difficult to accept any faith that claims to be the only way to God:

      I believe that this is due to the arrogance of the heart. This is especially true of the atheist/agnostic, as soon as they acknowledge the supremacy of Christ, they cease to be the center of the universe. Generally, people do not like exclusive truth statements. When someone acknowledges Christ is the only way, this requires significant philosophical and action change.

    • #95279700
      Pum kai

      The virgin birth of Jesus Christ, the signs, wonders and miracles that He performed, His crucifixion on the cross and His resurrection from the dead and His ascension into heaven are all the fulfilments of prophecies and predictions that had been pronounced hundreds of years earlier in the Old Testament.

      If people have the capacity to believe in something based on facts, evidence and consistency, then the story of Jesus is as credible as the existence of a person called Abraham Lincoln. The consistency and cohesion of the Bible backed up by historical evidences point to its ultimate author – Jesus Christ!

    • #125877

      Disliking followers is totally possible in that we are not Christ but strive to be like Christ. Our failures as humans in a fallen world can cause us to be disliked by others and perhaps seen as liars. In our current culture where truth comes from an individual person’s belief system, many will claim the only way as limited and unfair. Again, with the personal truth philosophy prevalent today, having the choice of many religions to justify your actions totally fits. These objections are valid when viewed through the lenses of today’s secular culture.

    • #125695

      1. There are some people who admire Christ but dislike His followers. I have heard this before from others, and if I am to be honest, I have also felt it. But, I would encourage those people to “FOLLOW CHRIST.” He is the ONLY perfect person. People all come short, even them. Therefore, Christianity should be judged on the merits of Christ Jesus and not anyone else.

      2. There are people who would reject any faith claim that says there is only one way to God. I understand why people may be curious; but there must be only ONE objective truth. Either Christ isn’t the only way to God, or He is. By looking at what he did in the name of God, prophecies fulfilled in the Old Testament by Jesus, and His power of nature, then He has the right to make that exclusive claim.

      3. People would only limit themselves to only one of the world’s major world religion because investigation of the text, the person of Jesus, His life, birth, death and resurrection were witness by multiple credible sources.

      4. I do not believe that these objections are valid at all. I honestly believe that if people would look at this with an objective mind, they could see that their objections have no validity to them at all.

      5. My response to each were already stated. And I would add, if one would thoroughly investigate the claims, and works of Jesus, they would find that He is who He claimed He was.

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      People have many reasons for rejecting the Christian faith. Some may admire Christ, but dislike His followers. Others find it difficult to accept any faith that claims to be the only way to God.

    • #124908

      These are valid and legit concerns, questions asked.
      1. The bible has the anwsers to those who lack belief in God and Jesus. If only we would read or join a biblical base organization ( church, school, university, ) to help elevate and gain understanding of the almighty creator of the whole world God.
      2. Some lack belief and question God’s existence sometimes of circumstances in their own lives, natural disasters earthquakes, stroms destruction of lives, wars, violence on human lives. Where is God?
      3. I believe Christianty is not a religous but a relationship with God through Jesus Roman 10:9 bares me out that if we believe in Jesus and connect with Him we have access to the Kingdom of God through Jesus. And this is foundation to obtaining eternal life.
      4.Sin and the power of Satan and his angels is given more glory in this world lust of the world and all of the temporay pleasure it offer, we must discuss what separate us from being capture by the power and love of God.
      5. Since I began reading and studying the old testament about God I got a better understand of the exsitence of Jesus.

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      Our Daily Bread
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