Before viewing the video, how accurate was your understanding of leprosy? What characteristics of leprosy make it such a strong analogy for sin?

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      I really did not understand leprosy at all before the video. I thought it was a rotting of the flesh disease, not an issue of pain. Some people would do things knowing they would cause pain and injury, but decide to do them anyway and like sin we as believers know we are doing wrong, but still decide to continue in the sin anyway.

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      I did not have a good understanding of leprosy before the video. The characteristic of leprosy damages the pain nerves is a strong analogy for constant habitual sin. If we can’t feel the spiritual pain of our sin, then we continue to do it to ourselves.
      It’s very interesting from the lecture video that Dr. Brand discovered that the leprosy patients turned off the machines the engineers developed to help warn them about danger when they wanted to do something dangerous.

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      I previously only thought of leprosy as sores and deformities. I did not know many details. It is a strong analogy for sin because people with leprosy become numb to pain the way sinners become numb to sin.

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      Before the video all I knew about leprosy, is that it was a deformity disease. In my country there was a center for leprosy people; but it was located in a remote place. There was very few visitations there; and people used to look at them with disgust. I never understood why.

      The analogy is based strongly on the numbness. When we don’t feel pain of our sins, we loose our hearts; as much as, people with leprosy looses the tips of their fingers because they don’t feel the hurt of rats eating them.

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      I had no idea at all. In fact, I’d only read about it in the bible. I didn’t really know it was still a things in today’s world.

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      I was not aware that it impacted your nerve endings. I thought that leprosy cut off circulation to your body extremities and that is why people with leprosy lost their fingers and toes. The fact that you are numb to pain causing you to loose parts of your body or damage parts makes it just like sin. If you are numb to sin then you will continue to sin. Each time you do you will lose part of yourself.

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      I did not know about the lack of pain with leprosy. I found it fascinating that they would take off the very thing that would keep them from being hurt so they could do something dangerous. This is a perfect analogy for our sin. People know that what they do-drugs, alcohol, sexual acts outside of marriage or with the same sex-are harmful and cause suffering. Sin is sin and it doesn’t have a degree of sin. We can’t have it both ways. We have to choose and there are good and bad consequences that come with out choices.

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      I have read Dr. Brand’s books so I had already been introduced to the concept that lepers lose their sense of touch and are no longer able to feel pain. This lack of tactile sensitivity is what causes their injuries and deformities.
      In a similar manner our lack of spiritual responsiveness, leads us to emotional, physical, itellectual, and spiritual damage as we are no longer able to discern or sense what is harmful.

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