Bob Pyne said: “The best argument for Christianity is the resurrection of Christ. If it happened, then Christianity is true. Then anything which competes against Christianity is false. If the resurrection didn’t happen, then Christianity is false, and anything competing against Christianity as a truth claim may well be true.” Do you agree? Explain your answer.

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      Yes I agree. The reason for my agreeing with that statement is simple. As a Christian my belief is that my acceptance of Christ as my savior gives me eternal life with him however that is because he broke the chain of death and in his resurrection I have the ability to be resurrected through him. If his resurrection is false then so is my hope

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      Judith kamugisha

      I agree because without the resurrection of Jesus Christ everything in this world was useless. The Bible says in1Corinthians 15:14 And if Christ is not risen, then our preaching was empty and our faith was also empty.

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      I do agree. I think the resurrection completely aligns with history, which then aligns with the idea that Christ was who he said he was. There is no possible way that Christ could have resurrected, but not been fully God. This is where our salvation comes into play: because Christ did and rose again, we can now put our hope in him as Lord. The story would have not been finished if Christ did not resurrect.

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      I do agree because without the resurrection Jesus is just another historical figure who made a major impact on the world around Him and left behind a model and teachings on how to live well. That puts Him in the same category as so many others, but it doesn’t make Him worthy of worship, and it doesn’t leave any kind of eternal impact.

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      I do agree if the resurrection didn’t happen everything we know and believe would be a lie, opening the door for all other religions to be true.

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      Yes I do agree that the resurrection did happened and Christianity is true. Then agreeing that anything that competes against Christianity is truth will need proven research claims to compete with The gospel of John, Matthew, Mark, Luke and the Bible.

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      Kevin Menear

      I don’t entirely agree. I don’t believe that God has specifically proclaimed that Christ must be crucified and resurrected in exactly the way we understand it. It is very possible that there is another way that is beyond my understanding, so I cannot base my entire belief in Christ on this one truth.

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      I do agree that the best argument for Christianity is Christ’s resurrection. That is the prophecy fulfilled. Evidence does support the resurrection.

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      Without the resurrection of Christ, there is no basis for Christianity. That leads everything else against the resurrection open to be true.

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      Our Daily Bread
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