Briefly review what role each of the following topics plays in SoulCare: passion, wisdom, journeying reality, vision, reframing, and categories of understanding.

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      Passion: In touch with your interior world. Why I do what I am doing; What drives me? Why am I responding in this manner.
      Wisdom: Keep God in sight, to gain insights. Understanding what God is doing in and through our lives – both the counselor and counselee.
      Journeying reality: Where the counselee is right now, is a journey, not a dead end.
      Vision: Potential. Where is our destination? Fix the problem, or leading the person to see a larger story of God? What will his/her life be like when He allows the Spirit to work in him.
      Reframing: A paradigm shift from “Flesh-dynamics” to Spirit-dynamics – Self-centered to others-centered, as we centered on Christ!
      Categories of understanding: Brokenness (I am nothing) leads to repentance (I am sorry) ; repentance (I am sorry) leads abandonment to God (I Choose God over all else) (Philippians 3:8); Abandonment to Confidence in God (God is good and able: depend on God, than self-reliance (Philippians 4:13); Confidence leads to Release – (God frees me to live as He create me to) What the Spirit can accomplish what God has already deeply put within us. A growing appetite for God.

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      Passion: What is driving me and the individuals that participate with me in Soulcare, Motives, desires, needs behind actions.
      Wisdom: Holy Spirit lead interaction that helps me direct my curiosity for the individual in Soulcare and review my own desires in actions and let them go to be directed by the Spirit.
      Journeying reality: Where that person is at in their spiritual journey and where you are intersecting that journey, keeping the curiosity and care focused on what the Holy Spirit desires at that point and initiates you to pursue.
      Vision: Perceiving what could be through the aid and guidance of the Holy Spirit in that persons life, the ultimate goal of a thirst for God above all else.
      Reframing: Similar to Paradigm shift, scanning over and reviewing the pieces to see their reality and how it effects their Soul and Journeying reality.
      Categories of Understanding: Processing tools to understand Soulcare individuals soul story, the Flesh Dynamics that have effected that place and shaped their story.

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      Passion looks at what is going on in my soul and in the other person’s soul. What are the motives behind what we are doing? What is our junk?
      Wisdom comes from God. We must be relying on His Spirit in order to be able to provide true Soul Care. It will guide the direction we take, the questions that we ask.
      Journeying Reality is looking at where the person is in their journey. What are they experiencing in their life. What is real?
      Vision is having a bigger picture than the present reality. It’s wondering what God might be up to in their life. How is the Spirit working in their life.
      Reframing causes you to think about how the specifics fit into the bigger story of their soul.
      Various categories of understanding help you to process the person’s story and how they have believed lies about how life is working. It helps you think about what they might be chasing or believing.

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      Passion – Ruling passions run your soul and direct your focus. SoulCare involves understanding that our ultimate appetite for God must be our ruling passion.
      Wisdom – the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, we must acknowledge our dependency on God before we can provide SoulCare and remain dependent on His leading
      Journeying reality – we must face our inadequacy and dependence on the Spirit, we hare not to fix people or problem solve, we are to journey with them on a real search for God’s truth in their life
      vision -Have a vision for the image bearer of Christ that we are journeying with, a vision beyond their immediate problems or circumstances, to their ultimate destination in Christ
      categories of understanding ..
      Brokenness – we are self-centered and hopeless without God
      Repentence – I long to be other centered
      Abandonment – absolute abandonment to God
      Confidence – God has the power and provision necessary for me to move in the directions that my soul most longs to move
      Release – being ready to release the lies of self-reliance and dependence on others and trust God

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