Carelessness is being indifferent and unconcerned about things in your life that you consider unimportant and not too dangerous. Have you experienced this before? What were the consequences? How did God bring them to your attention?

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      I almost died .

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      I think I have been careless with the time I spend with my kids in prayer, Bible reading, etc. I have sometimes almost assumed that they would turn out like me if I put them in a Christian school and go to church. THen when they are challenged and have to make a right or wrong choice and they chosse wrong, I know that if I had taught them better, the right one would have been made. God made me realize it is never to late to “raise” your kids and that I needed to get all my kids on the right track

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      I have careless to others advice especially my wife and this makes my heart sometimes feel painful after realise i was wrong to not listen her, God has been teaching and reminding me to respect other’s advices because it may break my relationship with him if i keep on.

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      Virginia Hagedorn

      I have been careless with other people’s feeling before. It was intentional to hurt them, but when I consider my feelings and perspectives as more important than others’, I can carelessly hurt others’ feelings. The consequence is a break in relationship. God has taught me a lot about this through trauma informed training and fostering. He’s currently helping me to consider the perspectives and emotions of bio parents who’ve lost their children due to their actions. It’s easy to judge people in those circumstances, but God is teaching me to empathize with their situations.

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      There have been times when I’m careless with the feelings of others, most often because I didn’t realize the impact that my indifference would have on others. As a consequence, I ended up hurting people I loved. God gave me the opportunity to make amends and apologize for my actions.

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      I have experienced this before. I have tried to rationalize it, but know in my heart that I have done wrong. Usually it’s a conviction after I sinned that God gets my attention

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      I think it is very easy to be careless with my time. It is all too easy for me to convince myself that I should “take it easy” or do the things I love over the things I need to do. Being careless with my time can lead to my heart of worship changing. As my relationship with the Lord changes, I can feel it.

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      I have definitely experienced carelessness! I have not cared enough about my own child’s struggle with anxiety. The consequences are that his struggle became greater and greater over time and God made it really clear over this COVID-19 pandemic that I have been to relaxed and dismissive of my son. Thankfully, we are able to get him the help he needs and help him to work through his troubles. If we had tackled it earlier on, his suffering would have been so much less and he would have been able to implement strategies much earlier on.

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      Our Daily Bread
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