Choose one of the four lessons discussed in this lecture and explain how you can use it to improve your abilities as a leader. Provide specific examples.

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      Donald Fuson

      My example I choose Saul,
      People pleasing won’t get you no where. You have to go with what God has called you to do even if people disagree with you. As long as it is based on the word of God they should have no problem with it. Sometimes they try to talk you into it and it might sound good, but it is better to listen to God than man.

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      When you have God’s heart you can achieve amazing things. David’s leadership in inspiring. Even though he made mistakes, his heart for God was evident. A challenge to lead with His heart can make a difference. Seeing our world today and standing with the truth of God’s word, but having His heart for people can make a difference. This may mean taking a difficult stand or confronting a difficult situation, but with God’s heart the outcome has the potential to make a difference for the good.

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      “Do NOT allow the benefits of leadership to blind you!” I love this because it is a gentle reminder to stay humble and although you can do something, you need to always be in God’s will and be obedient to the Spirit as a leader. I can not allow position or platform to blind me and I begin to make much of my self. I have to constantly pray John 3:30, allowing Christ to increase and myself to decrease!

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      Solomon would be my example for improvement. God had uniquely gifted Solomon to lead. as I feel he has me, yet Solomon let other things, his own fleshy desires, prevent him from being the leader God intended him to be. This lesson reinforced the fact that the wisdom we have is a gift of God through the Holy Spirit. It is so easy for Satan to beguile us with the very gift we request from God. This reminds me of James 3:14-18 where God contrast the two types of wisdom. One earthly and demonic the other heavenly. It’s like Solomon took the wisdom God gave him and used to fulfill earthly, fleshly desires. How dangerous and destructive. My big learning is that the wisdom God has given me as a leader must be evidenced by the proof of James 3:17-18 “17 But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. 18 Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness.”

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      The key to becoming a good leader in anything you do is following after God’s Heart. If we focus on pleasing God in the decisions we make and not trying to appease those around us, our leadership path will lead to success for ourselves and those under our leadership.

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      When we have God’s heart we can d
      Listen more
      Not think others will go the extra mile
      Encourage others to do more

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      God puts leaders in place for a reason.
      I, for one, never viewed myself as a leader. I didn’t want to lead. I wanted to follow. For whatever reason(s), I felt inadequate to lead.
      Over the years, I have either been put into leadership positions or have been looked to by others as a leader. I have not always been faithful in the positions I have been put in. However, God must have put me there for reasons that were beyond me. Hopefully, this course will help equip me for those opportunities in the future.

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      When you have God’s Heart, you can achieve amazing things. Commit BSC, BT, INPL, HIH, SPED, AZbiz, Family to God and plead with Him to lead and guide and show me how to be a good leader. Pray that I can be the leader that God wants me to be and put heart into my leaderships in my companies and family.

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      David for sure. I want to be the leader for my family, at my job and as a youth pastor that inspire people, point people to God and makes things better for the people that I am in and in the situations that they are in.

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      2. You can lead, but be an irrelevant leader: When I was SCS for the USPS (Supervisor Customer Service for the United States Postal Service (level 17)), in Hankinson, North Dakota, USA, I was an irrelevant leader because I did not follow all of the Postmaster’s directives. Hopefully, the Lord may put me back in a leadership position, but for now I am a local truck driver for FedEx Ground.

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      King David desired to please God not only as a servant , but a servant leader but he fell short. At times I fall short and judge myself very harshly , but I must remember 1 John 1:9 which says if you confess your sins , he is faithful and just to forgive you and cleans you from all unrighteousness.

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      2. You can lead but be an irrelevant leader.
      My biggest leadership role is as a teacher of high school students. I am constantly challenged as I develop and teach the curriculum to make it relevant. So as I improve as a leader that is not irrelevant, I want to listen more acutely to the students I am teaching about their needs – what is relevant to them as they develop their biblical worldview. I will not only work with them but also come alongside them to build relationships and make a relevant difference in their lives.

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      Lesson #3. When we truly seek after God’s heart and we walk in His commands there isn’t anything that we cannot do through Him. That doesn’t mean that we will never fail Him or disappoint Him. There will be times when we want to receive all the credit for what God has done through us.
      When I was in school my teachers just about had to force me to give an oral book report or get in front of the class and do work on the blackboard. When I was aked to be an Assistant Sunday School Teacher I was afraid of messing up the lesson or not being able to pronounce a lot of the names or places in the Old Testament. Through prayer when I was asked to fill in for the regular teacher and through teaching I became comfortable teaching, not because I had done anything special but because of what God had done in me. When asked if I would be willing to be the main teacher in a class I was prepared to do so.
      We were without a Pastor for about 18 months and I was asked to help do Bible lessons during Wednesday night Prayer Meetings. The Lord led to help on Wednesday nights and I grew even more relaxed when teaching but more important I grew stronger in God.

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      The lesson which focused on Ishbosheth has taught me how to improve my abilities as a leader. Once you make it to the “top”, it is easy to become complacent. Currently, I have been teaching for over 10 years. At this point of my career, I have gained confidence and seniority. Often, I find myself feeling “pretty good” about the lessons I teach each day in class. This is a very dangerous place to be because it prevents you from growing and mproving. The moment I stop learning, is the moment I prevent myself from become a better teacher. The lesson of Ischosheth taught me, the momemnt you make it to the top is the moment the real work begins. Once you have arrived at point of success, you must reach from within and find a way to further motivate yourself. For example, I have taught Biology for 10 years. Each year when I get to my Genetics Unit I am convicted with teaching the same material or putting in a little extra effort and making adjustments to account for the mistakes that occured the previous year. Since we are not God (understatement), our work will never be perfect and improvemtns are always needed.

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      I choose lesson 3, When you have God’s heart, you can accomplish amazing things. – to discuss. Wow, what a powerful reminder of Who is in charge of the ministries I lead. I need to have God’s heart always, whether working with children or the ladies in our church. Having God’s heart means that I need to stay close to Him, keep my heart clean before Him, read my Bible and study it on a daily basis, pray not only for the ministries of my church, but for each child and lady in my groups. Too often I can make a blanket prayer for the groups, but I need to name each participant and teacher to God and pray for them. I need to take that time so that I will hear when God talks to me and then listen/follow what He tells me to do. I also need to read and study things that will make me better at what I do so that I can help others as they follow the Lord as well. This course is a great item to take seriously and apply to my leadership.

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      Lesson 3: When you have God`s heart, we can achieve anything. Thus statement is truer than one might think. God chooses the people He wants. Those who have the greatest faith yet the people with great humility. A great leader doesn’t have to know everything, but one who knows how to use the resources around them. Prayer on the part of the leader is extremely important and following prayer, the leader must listen , really listen for God ‘ answer to prayer.

      David was a great leader. He had God` heart and he learned to listen Leadership is a great responsibility. If given the role, use it wisely.

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      Lesson #2; You can lead but be an irrelevant leader; it is remind me that leader is not a position but a function to serve others.

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      David, the man after God’s heart. Looking to the legacy he left through his transparency in praise encourages me to improve my abilities as a leader. I am a homeschooling mother and grandmother. With each conversation I have, I remain mindful that it is teaching the ones who are hearing and watching me. Like David’s words and actions that are still inspiring and teaching today, I hope my choice of edifying words and cautions movements are remembered as God influenced and taken to heart. My parents who are ministers of the Gospel had taught me that actions speak louder than words and that attitude is everything. I see this understanding modeled through David as I read and meditate on the scriptures. Psalm 32:8 Psalm 49:17 1 Samuel 25:32,33a

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      Pia Turner

      I seriously needed all of those lessons. I am a Lead guest service coordinator at Wheelermission shelter. I had become irrelevant. I got lazy and wasn’t doing much of anything. I forgot that God had gifted me with this position. I didn’t know I had become irrelevant until this lesson. I have gotten my zeal back and working more on being the leader God wants me to be.

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      Lesson #2, You can lead but be an irrelevant leader.
      This lesson challenges me most because if you have the position but serve no purpose, you can be an irrelevant leader. I believe that as a leader we must lead with a passion so that we can make a relevant leader that motivates the group to achieve positive results.

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      Lesson 3: Keeping God first and obeying his commands is key when trying to teach and lead people to God. I make bibles, Christian books on many topics, tracts, and other related Christian material available to those seeking to help or lead others to Christ. It’s challenging when people don’t want anything to do with God. I place my heart on God to get me through these challenges and He always comes through by sending people my way that are looking for Christian material. People show great respect towards me during these time periods. I’m doing a good job at being obedient to God and I see Him working in my life. I can truly see that when I have God’s heart, things happen and it makes people want to follow me.

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      Our Daily Bread
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