Choose one of the four lessons discussed in this lecture and explain how you can use it to improve your abilities as a leader. Provide specific examples.

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      The lesson which focused on Ishbosheth has taught me how to improve my abilities as a leader. Once you make it to the “top”, it is easy to become complacent. Currently, I have been teaching for over 10 years. At this point of my career, I have gained confidence and seniority. Often, I find myself feeling “pretty good” about the lessons I teach each day in class. This is a very dangerous place to be because it prevents you from growing and mproving. The moment I stop learning, is the moment I prevent myself from become a better teacher. The lesson of Ischosheth taught me, the momemnt you make it to the top is the moment the real work begins. Once you have arrived at point of success, you must reach from within and find a way to further motivate yourself. For example, I have taught Biology for 10 years. Each year when I get to my Genetics Unit I am convicted with teaching the same material or putting in a little extra effort and making adjustments to account for the mistakes that occured the previous year. Since we are not God (understatement), our work will never be perfect and improvemtns are always needed.

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      I choose lesson 3, When you have God’s heart, you can accomplish amazing things. – to discuss. Wow, what a powerful reminder of Who is in charge of the ministries I lead. I need to have God’s heart always, whether working with children or the ladies in our church. Having God’s heart means that I need to stay close to Him, keep my heart clean before Him, read my Bible and study it on a daily basis, pray not only for the ministries of my church, but for each child and lady in my groups. Too often I can make a blanket prayer for the groups, but I need to name each participant and teacher to God and pray for them. I need to take that time so that I will hear when God talks to me and then listen/follow what He tells me to do. I also need to read and study things that will make me better at what I do so that I can help others as they follow the Lord as well. This course is a great item to take seriously and apply to my leadership.

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      Lesson 3: When you have God`s heart, we can achieve anything. Thus statement is truer than one might think. God chooses the people He wants. Those who have the greatest faith yet the people with great humility. A great leader doesn’t have to know everything, but one who knows how to use the resources around them. Prayer on the part of the leader is extremely important and following prayer, the leader must listen , really listen for God ‘ answer to prayer.

      David was a great leader. He had God` heart and he learned to listen Leadership is a great responsibility. If given the role, use it wisely.

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      Lesson #2; You can lead but be an irrelevant leader; it is remind me that leader is not a position but a function to serve others.

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      David, the man after God’s heart. Looking to the legacy he left through his transparency in praise encourages me to improve my abilities as a leader. I am a homeschooling mother and grandmother. With each conversation I have, I remain mindful that it is teaching the ones who are hearing and watching me. Like David’s words and actions that are still inspiring and teaching today, I hope my choice of edifying words and cautions movements are remembered as God influenced and taken to heart. My parents who are ministers of the Gospel had taught me that actions speak louder than words and that attitude is everything. I see this understanding modeled through David as I read and meditate on the scriptures. Psalm 32:8 Psalm 49:17 1 Samuel 25:32,33a

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      Pia Turner

      I seriously needed all of those lessons. I am a Lead guest service coordinator at Wheelermission shelter. I had become irrelevant. I got lazy and wasn’t doing much of anything. I forgot that God had gifted me with this position. I didn’t know I had become irrelevant until this lesson. I have gotten my zeal back and working more on being the leader God wants me to be.

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      Lesson #2, You can lead but be an irrelevant leader.
      This lesson challenges me most because if you have the position but serve no purpose, you can be an irrelevant leader. I believe that as a leader we must lead with a passion so that we can make a relevant leader that motivates the group to achieve positive results.

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      Lesson 3: Keeping God first and obeying his commands is key when trying to teach and lead people to God. I make bibles, Christian books on many topics, tracts, and other related Christian material available to those seeking to help or lead others to Christ. It’s challenging when people don’t want anything to do with God. I place my heart on God to get me through these challenges and He always comes through by sending people my way that are looking for Christian material. People show great respect towards me during these time periods. I’m doing a good job at being obedient to God and I see Him working in my life. I can truly see that when I have God’s heart, things happen and it makes people want to follow me.

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      Our Daily Bread
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