Choose one or two of the obstacles to setting boundaries discussed in this lesson that you struggle with. Explain why this is an obstacle for you, and discuss specific strategies you might employ to overcome it.

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      Two obstacles to setting boundaries is always agree with everybody in stead of disagreeing sometimes and also making everybody satisfied all the time then making my on self satisfied.

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      I am the leader that wants to make everyone happy and don’t want to disappoint anyone. So I will say yes even though I don’t feel led to do something, or say yes every time I’m asked to do something. Even if it causes an issue with my schedule personally or with my family. I struggle with saying no and not good at setting boundaries. Then I get upset that I didn’t say not and as a result, I’m burned out and the love I have for ministry is fading. I just have to learn to say no and set healthy boundaries.

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      I am fast to forgive so I struggle with confronting issues. I also struggle with allowing others to fail to learn a lesson. I feel too hard for them in those moments and tend to save the day too often

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      I would say my two most changeling obstacles are distance and talking with someone I have conflict with. I tend to sweep it under the rug. I always want to help everyone so this leason was good for me. I need to set limits also practicing what needs to be said to someone I have conflict with.

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