Commenting on death, Dallas Willard said, “Death is avoided in common discussions by human beings because it is the ultimate failure. At death you face the fact you are not God, you do not run the universe. Death is the ultimate vulnerability.” In what ways have you seen people express their sense of vulnerability when considering their own death or the death of someone they care about? Do you agree with the statement: “At death you face the fact you are not God”? Explain your answer.

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      As to the first question- i’ve only known a few people who have died. They died in old age and i believe they were ready to meet God. As for the second question, i guess for non-believers this could be true. As for me I already know that I am not God, I am not in control nor do I want to be in control. We have to pass from this world to reach the next. The physical death of our mortal bodies is not the true death. Total separation from God is the true Death. Those of us who have accepted Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior have been saved from this Death. For those who refuse to believe or who believe but refuse to accept Him will suffer this death and for them death is a scary thought to avoid at all cost.

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      I saw an article or a documentary or something – I cannot remember, but I clearly remember that it said that when people, no matter where, no matter who, when confronted with a death like experience or death, all cry out God and some do not even realize they are doing so. We so badly want to control everything around us and be tough and be on top of things, when we can clearly see that is not the case and whn death comes a knocking, we realize we are not God and never really had control

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      I have seen people who otherwise wouldn’t – reach out to God when they are confronted with death. I have seen them get angry, depressed, blame God or others. They realize that they have no control over their lives or the lives of others. That lack of control will oftentimes scare most people, and that fear often translates to anger. Sometimes anger at God – a God that they otherwise wouldn’t talk to, talk about or even think twice about, which is so sad, but they realize, only at this point, that HE is in control, not them.

      Yes, I definitely agree with the statement, “At death you face the fact that you are not God.” I feel this way because as I previously stated in the last question, when faced with death, this is when people realize that they are not in control. They are helpless. This is when they are forced to face their own mortality and the hard fact that all they have worked to accumulate in their life (material wealth,/possessions) they are unable to take with them and have zero control over what happens to all that accumulated “stuff” after they’re gone. Sure, you can leave a will and hire a lawyer, leave a “trusted” friend or family member in charge, but you have no real way of knowing that your wishes will be carried out once you’re dead, do you? That’s when you will see that a life chasing after “things” is pointless and meaningless and truly a life wasted. As the Bible reads, “Lay not up for yourselves treasures on Earth, where rust and moth doth corrupt, and thieves break through and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven…” (Matthew 6:19,20)

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      I have seen people express their own sense of vulnerability when considering death when they identify that they fear dying or the death of a loved one.
      As for the statement, “At death you face the fact you are not God”, I think that death is one of the many times we face this fact.
      Specifically, in death we realize that the illusion of control that we thought we may of had in life was truly just an illusion. God is in control at all times.

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      When people lost their lives i mean die there’s much of tragic, frustration, desperation and worries,i do agree death is very scary, to non believers do not have any an idea once they die what will happen to them, but other funeral people are happy especially believers because they know their friend is going to meet God in heaven, so when we die in christ we are going to live with him in heaven (John 14:1-6)

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      I have experienced with my own family how at the end we may realize how vulnerable and sinful we have been. I think when we are on our death beds we see that everything has been meaningless without God, for we know we are not God. All the arguments, all the opinions, all the resentments, show us at the end how unlike God we have been. There is the fear of judgment for our deeds. Or we remember them all? Or do we just remember the bad ones? I know that when I realized I may not wake up, I had to make sure I knew God loved me. Without that assurance of his love, I had no fear of the judgement to come. I knew I was not God for I felt the pain of leaving my family behind. But somehow, God gave me peace knowing they will be okay too someday. If my total trust is in Him, then I also know that I am not Him.

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      I do have vulnerability after the death of my loved one for 28 years and 9 months. I remember having a discussion with my spouse about life after death and he felt like there will be one time when all mankind meets God. I figured it happens as we pass on to the other side, but then we talked about what we will be like after death and my husband replied “I don’t know it’s a mystery” well he now knows the mystery. I like that God knows it all, it’s a source of comfort for me to know that, yes I’m very vulnerable without my spouse, we love the gifts God gives us.

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      I have seen a friend express their vulnerability when a close friend of theirs died. They knew this friend was most likely not in heaven. It has personally affected me in that I have close relative who claims to be an atheist. I worry about something happening to her because she isn’t ready to meet Jesus. I don’t think as a Christian you face the fact that you are not God because we already know this and are ready to our maker, at least I am. I feel like non-believers probably do come to the realization that there is God once they face death.

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      When people die there is much sadness, anger and frustration. I do agree, death is scary, non believers do not know what expect once they die and people do realize they do not have control over God

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      Yes, and No, I do believe that our society is very interested in ways to evolve and find ways to extend our life, or find life somewhere else. No, because I am a Christian and I know where I am going because I have full faith in God, and trust in him always. The bible is not a theory but I base my life off of it. There is no need to worry about surviving death because as a Christian you know that you are going to live with God.

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      Most of the funerals I have been to, the family is sad and even worried and scared, because they have never been through life without that person. At one funeral I went to, the family was happy, because they knew she was in heaven and doesn’t have to suffer anymore. Yes, because when we die we will meet God and we will have to except that.

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      Most funerals I have been to, the family is sad and even worried and scared, because they have never been through life without that person. At one funeral I went

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