Commenting on near-death experiences, Kerby Anderson said, “And we’ve got to go back and look at the fact that there are physiological explanations for some of these out-of-body experiences, a lack of oxygen to the brain, they’re psychological experiences, there are pharmacological explanations. But there are also possibilities of paranormal experience, that there is a spiritual counterfeit taking place—that these individuals are actually being deceived.” Kerby Anderson seems more skeptical of near-death experiences as an evidence for life after death. Physiological (brain functions), pharmacological (drugs), and paranormal (occult/spiritism) explanations may point to what is really happening. This leads to false sources of belief and deception. Do you agree with Kerby Anderson’s explanations for near-death experiences? Explain your response.

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      I do agree with Kerby. It may be that in the weaken state of the body that they were more susceptible to being fooled by demons. We know that these demons want very badly to pull people away from God. By giving them this lie it may cause them to turn away from God.

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      I do believe we are trying to be decieved by Satan and his minions and that may of these paranormal activities can be attributed to him, but I do not think it is the only answer

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      I do agree with his response, however I do not think this the definitive answer. I do believe that some people are having legitimate experiences of heaven & Christ as well as many having deceptive experiences perpetuated by the kingdom of darkness to drive people further from the truth in Jesus. Any experience that blinds, denies, contradicts & confuses the Word of God in any way, is an experience directly from the enemy. God is not the God of confusion.

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      I think that this is such a new topic for me to consider and/or research, that I am unable to answer this question at this time. I think that Anderson’s explanations (physiological, pharmacological, and paranormal) truth and backing. However, I do not feel confident in providing a definitive answer.

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      I do agree to some extent, things like pharmacological, physiological and paranormal these may cause things to happen in the brain that you may glimpse or experience something.

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      I agree to some point because drugs can affect the brain and our thoughts. If they can affect our brains while we are not near death, the more they can affect a sick person who is dying. In my own experience, the drugs paralyzed me, but I do not remember any other effects while asleep. I also believe that some people do experience the paranormal while dying. I don’t know if God is in all of it or if it is their own minds that are allowing the visions.

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      No I do not. Yes most of hid points make sense and could possibly be the cause 9f most, but we have an all powerful God you can accomplish anything and that is something we can not rule out. We just read about Paul’s near death experience, which completely blew my mind I have never heard that taught or even put those things together. That was a movement of God, not by drugs or lack of oxygen or occult, but the working of God.

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      Yes I do agree to a certain extent. Things like drug or lack of oxygen to the brain can cause things to happen, that you may see or experience.

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      Yes, I do. In most cases, people think that they are feeling or experiencing something, but in reality it is probably the effects of either drugs, brain damage, or illnesses. Now it could be that they do see and have experienced something, but we will never truly know until we come to see God.

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