Consider Gerry Breshear’s words, “When evil gets to be so large and pain gets to be so agonizing, it’s really hard not to give up to despair.” How can you keep from being overwhelmed in that despair?

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      I have thought this question and have been asked by many people as well, but “why?” And becasue often there is no answer, or no immediate answer, I have seen and felt like given up. But I have made it through and I have told these people, that you have to “lay everything at his feet” so that you won’t give up and it will strengthen your faith and help you get through it and maybe see the reasoning behind it all

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      The hope that I receive through Jesus is the only way to get through the toughest of times.

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      I remember that Jesus tells us to cast our care on Him. He is bigger than all my struggles and wants to carry the burden for me.

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      I can remember that I’m not alone and that God is with me in my suffering. He can relate to my suffering and understands it better than anyone else.

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      The only way is to come to Jesus. 1 Peter 5:7 says ‘cast all your cares on Him because He cares for you’. Oswald Chambers said the questions that matter in life are remarkably few
      and they are all answered by Jesus word ‘come to me’. Matthew 11:28.

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      I can keep from being overwhelmed in that despair by singing songs of worship to God and also seek companionship with others to help comfort and ease some of the despair.

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      We can remember that we do not carry our burden alone. We share it with God.

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      Be willing to give the burdens to God when they come upon us. To surround ourselves with other believers who will help lift us up and walk with us and point us towards God. There is a reason why there is a power in many gather in one place to praise and honour Him.

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      It’s hard not to get overwhelmed, but taking the focus off of self and looking to God and others makes things more bearable.

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      When you hit rock bottom from pain and evil, the only think I can do is cry out to Jesus. There is nothing else I can do that is productive. I have to trust that God is with me and will not allow more than I can bear. I have to admit that I need Him. Despair is from satan. I won’t let him win. I will stand with my Savior and win in the end.

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