Dallas Willard said, “The challenge has been whether or not we were going to be god or allow God to be God. And to be god in a very important sense means I get to do what I want. And reason teaches me, inescapably, that I am not God. And so it all comes home right to the point where you find in the Gospels the talk about accepting the cross, giving up one’s life, and then finding a new life.” Describe a time in your life when you wanted to be in control of your life instead of letting God be in control. Were you happy at that time? Have you since allowed Christ to be Lord of your life?

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      When I was a Senior in H.S. my parents had to move to another city. At my old school I was a champion in athletics and fairly popular. At my new school there were no female sports and I was unknown and not in the right clique. I resented the move and became withdrawn from my parents feeling that I had been robbed of a happy Senior year. Now I can see the bigger picture of my parents wanting a better life for the family. God has given me this insight recently.

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      There was a time specifically that I wanted to live in a certain place and I manipulated circumstances to make sure that happened. It was a disaster and I learned to lean on God and trust Him in the outcome of situations. It takes a lot of faith to put your life in God’s hands, but it can also take a lot of stress off of you too when you trust in Him.

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      When I was younger thereca lot of neglect and abuse in my home, I would pray and not get relief, so O would take matters in my own hands. I have learned many lessons and now put my trust in God

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      I am a mother of five children, and I believed it was up to me to always keep them safe and healthy. I lived in horrible fear of what “could” or “might” happen to them. I wanted to control their environment, decisions, relationships, etc… I was exhausted, stressed, sick with constant worry. I read a book by Stormie Omartian called The Power of a Praying Parent, and I gave my children to the Lord. I have entrusted them with full confidence and commitment to the Lord’s care. Since I have been able to find some rest, peace, and even joy!

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      Before I accepted Christ as Lord of my life, I was definitely wanting to be in control of my life. I didn’t want to accept Jesus because I wanted to continue what I thought, having fun. For me, it wasn’t a matter of if I believed in Jesus, it was a matter of when was I going to stop putting of accepting Him as Lord.

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      There are many times that I wanted to choose my path and not listen to God’s voice. It took me years to decide to serve people instead of serving science and nature. It is deeply affected my life.

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