Dallas Willard talks about a complete skeptic being asked to pray “the atheist’s prayer.” “O my God, if there is a God, save my soul, if I have a soul.” He goes on to say what a surprise it is to see those who have prayed that prayer as a first step eventually come to faith in Christ. Why do you think this occurs?

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      I think this occurs because God is REAL and He hears our prayers. When our hearts our opened, God can work miracles.

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      I think it occurs because, if sincere, God answers that prayer. There is a God, so he will save your soul and move circumstances, events and people to help make it happen.

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      I think that if a person PRAYED the skeptic’s prayer and then eventually come to faith in Christ, simply by PRAYING to God opened the door for that belief. They were already talking to the living God and starting on a path of discovery.

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      The skeptics prayer really makes them take the time to sit down and think about the possibility of God and analyze where they would go after death. They begin to realize it’s not worth gambling with their soul if they have one, this is their only chance.

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      God states that if someone knocks then He will open the door. If a person prays this prayer with a contrite heart then God will reach out and show them the way.

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      God seek the lost heart even if you pray simply prayer like that, he said you will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

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      God says that if we seek Him and ask anything in His Will, He will answer us. It is God’s Will for all to come to knowledge of Him and even this very basic question is enough for Him to open the eyes and soften the heart and shine His light onto a life.

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      God sees the heart and Gof can reach an unbeliever wherever they may be. A simple prayer like that with the heart can bring wonders

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      God hears us and answers our prayers! He desires us to know and to love Him. When we seek Him – through prayer and obedience – He will reveal His presence to us.

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      It gives people food for thought and they begin to study about God and their soul and they wonder about God and their soul and as they seek answers they begin to understand God and His relevance in their life. Perhaps a little curiosity goes a long way to walking in Jesus footsteps.

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      Atheist must come to the realization that they have a soul. And if they have a saw them there is an internal part of them. And eternal part must be accounted for.

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      The so-called atheist is recognizing God exists by the very action of praying the prayer. God built into us to seek Him because He is our Creator.

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