Darrell Bock asked the question, “How does Jesus portray Himself in the Gospels?” Darrell pointed to key claims that identify Jesus as the Son of God and as One with the Father. Click on the link to go directly to John 10:27-31 What does Jesus mean by the statement “I and My Father are One”? How do you respond to this claim?

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      We cannot fully understand the truth that Jesus and God are one in the same yet different. However, I believe that they are and that when it says we as sheep know His voice, we know both God and Jesus and they both keep me as promised.

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      In my belief Jesus meant that he and God are one. Meaning Jesus is part of the Holy Trinity, the son who was and is God. I am happy to know that God came down and took on human flesh, died and was resurrected for me. This is an awesome thing, which means because of Jesus I will have everlasting life and be with my creator

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      Jesus portrays himself as the Good Shepherd, equal with the Father who is greater than all. He claims to be God, not just a good moral teacher. He leaves no room for question… you either believe in His claim to be God or you believe that he is a liar and a lunatic.

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      Jesus said that we sheep hear His voice and no one will snatch us out of His hands as the same can be said of the Fathers’ hands as “I and My Father are One”.

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      In order for Jesus to be who he says he was he had to be one with the father. If he was with God in the beginning and the Word was God then he would be the same

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      Jesus said “no one will snatch them out of my hand.” And then said “no one is able to snatch them of the Father’s hand” these two statements demonstrate that Jesus is God. Otherwise He could not claim the same thing about His hand and the Father’s hand.

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