Darrell Bock said,“Jesus actually shows who He is more by what He does, than what He says. He lets His actions speak for whatever words He might have said…When He forgives sins, or exorcises demons, or raises people from the dead, or calms the winds, He is saying, ‘I am the One who is sent by God and have the authority of God. I am the Son of God.’ ” What would His divine claims amount to without this kind of supernatural endorsement? Explain the basis of your view.

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      If supernatural endorsement wouldn’t happened during the ministry of Jesus it could have been hard time people to accept and believe him as messiah, people were needed him to prove if he came from God and he is with God, John chapter 14:11 Jesus said that “believe that I’m in the father and father is in me or at least believe because of the work you have seen me do, this shows how actions speak louder than words.

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      If God did not support his divine claims with supernatural endorsement, then people would have had a hard time accepting Him as the Messiah. Because Jesus’ actions showed supernatural endorsement, people where able to witness that He was not acting out of human flesh but instead from Divine endorsement.

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      I think it would be more difficult for people to believe Jesud claims if the miracles weren’t performed. Anyone can claim to be God, but actually proving you are God by your actions is something else. Plus the Bible tells us that actions speak louder than words. People watch what you do and see how you live not just what you say

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      If his claims were not backed up by “supernatural endorsement” would there have been as much of an impact? John the Baptist was making an impact before Jesus, so it is possible that Jesus could have arrived on the scene and not backed up his claims and could have still changed lives. However the impact I believe would not have been as impactful. It mentions in the video that “it’s well rooted in the eyewitness accounts of men who saw a man do things that no other man has ever done…” This right there explains this impact.

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      Jesus’ miracles are his tied to his claim to be equal with God because they prove that he is God. No other man has or will be able to perform the miracles that Jesus did and no other man can forgive people of their sins. Only the One true God can do that. He said he was God and then he showed the people that that was in fact true by letting his actions speak about the words he had said.

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      Jesus knew and knows that actions speak louder than words. He also understands that due to our nature, we often need to “see it to believe it.” And it was important for the people to marvel at these sights.

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      Without Jesus’s Godly actions such as raising people from the dead, his divine claims would have been unsupported and there would have been no evidence for his deity.

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