Darrell Bock said,“Jesus actually shows who He is more by what He does, than what He says. He lets His actions speak for whatever words He might have said…When He forgives sins, or exorcises demons, or raises people from the dead, or calms the winds, He is saying, ‘I am the One who is sent by God and have the authority of God. I am the Son of God.’ ” How are Jesus’ miracles tied to His claim to be equal with God?

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      All of the miracles and wonders Jesus Christ performed were His way of ensuring that people would believe in Him. They had to see sign and acts that only God our Creator could perform in order to believe He was the Savior, the Son of God and could redeem us to the Father.

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      The miracles showed people that Jesus was equal with God. Only God would have been able to raise people from the dead, cast out demons or affect the weather. These things, when coupled with the forgiveness of Sins, which only God could give, would have been sure signs to people that Jesus’ claim was true. He was equal with God.

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      Judith kamugisha

      God is the only one who has power to heal people and to do different miracles. This showing Jesus is equal to God.

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      Jesus’ miracles are tied to His claim to be equal with God. When He forgave sin, exorcised demons, raised people from the dead, or calmed the winds…His words matched and identified the authority in which He was performing the miracles, as the Son of God. With the list of miracles that was shared, it is clear to say, “Only God could do that”…therefore, as we have historical evidence that Jesus did these things while on Earth, it ties to his claim of being equal with God.

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      Jesus miracles are evidence of His power over all realms of heaven & earth. These miracles were also never in human history perfomed as such. In addition these miracles also fufilled the words of the prophets. Miracles of Jesus also fufilled the law completely. This was also part of His mission as He claimed He would do.

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      God is the one who has a power to heal, calm the winds, forgives sins,or cast out demons and rises people from dead, by doing these all things Jesus identified himself to be equal with God, even Nicodemus claimed that in John chapter 3:1-2.

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      Miracles are things that cannot be explained. When Jesus performed miracles, it was a sign that God was with Him. In the absence of God, Jesus would not have been able to perform miracles. Thus, the action of performing a miracle is a direct tie to being linked to God.

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      God is the only one who had the power to forgive sin, raise the dead and calm nature. By doing these things Jesus is showing his is equal to God

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      They again show that he is in fact the authority of God, that he is the Son of God. By completing these “supernatural” events, it backed up this claim. Only the Son of God could do the things he did.

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      Jesus’ miracles are his tied to his claim to be equal with God because they prove that he is God. No other man has or will be able to perform the miracles that Jesus did and no other man can forgive people of their sins. Only the One true God can do that. He said he was God and then he showed the people that that was in fact true by letting his actions speak about the words he had said.

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