Define in your own words a “purity of gentleness.”

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      This kind of purity involves looking into your own life, seeing your faults and not judging others. Part of it is helping others see the error of their way without being condescending. To summarize, pointing a person towards a better action or direction without becoming superior and in a way that makes them feel loved.

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      In the purity of gentleness, there is no ground for sin which has to be rebuked and addressed. Yet it allows the grace from God to restore us to continue to journey down the path of getting closer to Him with restored relationship.

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      As a provider of Soulcare, as I speak with someone who has a journeying reality, I need to come from a place of neither inferiority nor of superiority. The one I am speaking with needs to sense that we are on equal ground before God and that I am not coming from a place of judging them but inviting them to be explored further. If this is my attitude, I am coming with a purity of gentleness.

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      I believe this statement can be summoned up if we remember that all of us are sinners saved by Grace. We are all on level ground, no one better than the other. So, we approach our conversations not with judgment but guided by God’s gentle Spirit.

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      A purity of the heart without guile, presented in a non-judgmental, non-bias posture, aiming to restore, rather than ‘retribute.’

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      A purity of gentleness is when your have no side motives. You are not pushing a person for information, giving unsolicited advice, trying to save the day, preach or any of the above. Not listening to correct, but experience God with them to connect with what God is doing in them.

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      Purity of gentleness is a way to communicate hard things to an individual, but in a way that they trust you, because of the way you have presented yourself to them. You have approached them humbly, in which you are self aware of your own hard spots, yet in a way in which you show excitement in the possibility of what God will do to restore them. They experience that you are for them and another soul on a journey to God.

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