Define in your own words the following four elements necessary for a true church. Discuss how each might help foster SoulCare and greater spiritual growth: Safety; Vision; Wisdom; Power.

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      Safety – church is the safe place where people can be opened in sharing their real-life struggles and challenges regardless of their age, background and profession without worrying about being judged.
      Vision – the ultimate vision for the church is the place where people can recharge, support each other and seek earnestly for God and rely on Him to tackle life’s issues.
      Wisdom – people gather together to learn God’s way and discern his words and apply it as light of their paths.
      Power – the power to let go of our control and be humble at His throne in every situation so that God’s will be done on earth and bring glory to Him.

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      Safety means we move beyond superficial niceness and create an environment where everyone feels safe to acknowledge their battles openly and honestly. They know they will not be judged because others share their struggles openly as well. The shared vision is the share hope and knowledge that God can transform our struggles because he himself wishes us to be Christ-like. Wisdom allows us to discern how to move forward – not how to fix any of the existing problems, but how to move toward becoming for like Christ even as we continue to experience difficulties and challenges in life. Power is our trust that we may not be able to do it on our own, but where two or more gather, anything is possible. No inner obstacles or resistance to becoming more Christ-like are too hard for God.

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      Safety – necessary for someone to be willing to allow another person or persons to see what lies under the mask…which has to take place for Soulcare to begin. Vision – the focused hope for a church where we want to see people feel safe enough that they move towards Christ being formed in them…and in others. A compelling belief that the most vital thing a church does is helping people become ‘little Christs”. Wisdom – The value is placed not on successful people, but on people who through what they have learned of Christ’s sufficiency through suffering have produced a humility that depends on grace. Power – The celebration of true spiritual power that is quiet, at rest and filled with discernment about God’s ways within the human soul.

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      1. Safety: The church must be a place where people feel free to be known and moved. It’s a place where they feel free to struggle and find help in that struggle. When people feel safe, they are open to receiving soulcare. Sin often grows in isolation and struggles become overwhelming when faced alone. When we feel safe to reveal these struggles, they come to light and we become open to growth.

      2. Vision: The church must have a vision-to look forward to and trust the Holy Spirit’s work in each individual’s life. When God’s agenda becomes ours, people will feel safe, loved, and open to growth and soulcare. God’s agenda is people and their hearts knowing him as their deepest desire.

      3. Wisdom: Wisdom is a familiarity with the human soul and how God works through obstacles in our lives. It doesn’t always look like outward success. If the church opened itself up to more of this wisdom (instead of savvy that looks like outward success), there would be more discernment about people’s souls and God’s work in their lives. This would open up more people to growth and soulcare because it would give the church direction in how to do this well.

      4. Power: Power is getting out of God’s way: abiding in Christ and waiting on him even when you see no outward success or results. When we get out of God’s way and let him work, miraculous things will happen in people’s souls-there will be growth we can’t even imagine.

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      The Four Elements necessary for a true church.

      1. Safety: To be able to share with others, to trust others, and to be able to feel safe, a place where a person will not feel judged or condemned. A safe place where one can be able to share their heart and soul. A place where Grace can be found, and Christ is centered in every conversation. A place where we can share our hopes, joy and our spiritual journey.
      2. Vision: Where Christ is centered at all times, a vision where people can be able to be more like Christ and to be able to worship Him. A vision where Soul Care becomes a reality.
      3. Wisdom: The journey through soul care, as a person goes through trails , challenges, and difficulties in life, it makes us grow spiritually stronger. The Bible urges us to seek wisdom above all things. Proverbs 4:7. There is a big difference between worldly wisdom and Godly wisdom.
      4. Power: The power to abide in Christ. Worldly power forces things to happen. With God’s power we rely on His strength and wisdom. The power of prayer helps us through our daily life and circumstances.

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      Safety is not about doctrinal soundness, but a place where people can be real about their struggles and needs. Vision is not just about numerical and financial growth, but for a church where Sould Care is provided, Wisdom in discerning God’s movement and getting out of the way and Power is abiding in Christ.

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      Safety – the word of God dispense faithfully and truthfully for the purpose of drawing people to Him. A safe environment where we can be ourselves without fearing of judgement and rejection.

      Vision: the transformation of lives towards Christ likeness, through the Word of God, and the power of the Holy Spirit in a community that cares to grow in Christ.

      Wisdom: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. It is the discernment to make common sense choices that seeks to glorify God.

      Power: His grace is sufficient for us, for when His power is made perfect in my weakness.
      “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”
      Not by might, nor by strength but by the Spirit of God.

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      The four elements necessary for a true church are safety, vision, wisdom and power. Safety is found when the word of God is honored, studied, and accepted as the final authority in all matters to which it speaks. Doctrinal soundness is essential, free from heresy, deception and legalism creates a theologically safe environment to learn and grow in God’s truth. Vision through the New Covenant is all about the truth that the Spirit is doing something in the hearts and minds of those who love God. A vision of how the Spirit is providing movement and momentum into closer relationship with Him in the midst of whatever we are going through. Wisdom is number 3. Wisdom that comes through humility and discernment. Eyes to see the need for spiritual growth and a hunger to consistently taste and see how, draw closer to God. The last one is power. Spiritual power is centered in abiding in Christ which includes waiting on Him when results are not there and when visible power is not present and getting out of His way.

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