Define in your own words the idea of “first” and “second” things. What is the goal of SoulCare relative to first and second things?

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      First thing is coming to the realization that the person who has trouble with her husband, child, job, etc. really has a deep desire to be the woman God created her to be. A desire that God planted in her heart the day she asked Him to reside there. Second thing is realizing that the change in the circumstance might not come this side of heaven. In other words, drawing closer to God is first then the other circumstance comes secondarily. This is the goal of true SoulCare.

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      When starting a SoulCare conversation, the person seeking help may assume that it would fix the problems that they are currently facing (problems with children, relationship problems, work, money). They see such issues as THE problem. According to Dr Crabb, those are “second” things. They may or may not improve. But one’s finding true peace and joy in life need not depend on any improvement in those different areas of life. “First” things is our deep inner search for something that’s larger than any life issue – something that can provide real pleasure, deep satisfaction and fulfilment – and that is the love and presence and friendship of God.

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      First is a relationship with God
      Second is everything else

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      The idea of first and second things will get us to focus on God first and long for him before any other desire. This should guide us during SoulCare to pay attention to the work of the Holy spirit rather than looking at our own ability.

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      First things are those which pertain to our Lord God, and our true and main desire, which is to be fulfilled by Him and to know Him. Second things are all of the other desires we have, such as a good marriage or a happy family or an enjoyable career or a stable financial situation. None of them are BAD things, but when we value them above our relationship with God and think those things will fulfill us, we will always be disappointed.

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      The greatest commandment is to first of all love God with all your heart soul mind and strength. This is the “first” thing. To value my relationship with God more than anything else. Second things are all the things in this life I desire like successful marriage, good kids, successful and fulfilling career etc. The key is that they are to be secondary to our love for and relationship with God.
      Soulcare’s goal is to, by the moving of the Spirit, help our friend get in touch with the first things and recognize that the first things have priority over second things. This places second things in their rightful place and enables us to enjoy God even when second things are not as we have desired.

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      What a mess! I now know for the first time in 72+ years why I have failed because I valued second things over God. Second things are my desires, wishes, wants that I believe make my life happier and successful. Wrong? First things refer to God; knowing Him, experiencing Him, loving Him. First things give me the joy and peace that I need in life. SoulCare focuses on waking up the provisions inside of us that helps us recognize that no matter what life throws at us we have God. Secondary things may come through God’s blessings but they are secondary; not as important.

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      First things are seeking in living God. Second things are the gifts that he gives. The goal of social care is to strip love for God and put him above his blessings. There’s a song that says give me the healer about the healing or similar words.

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      It’s not a matter of priorities, but centrality!
      Keep the “first thing” at the core of one’s life, and let the rest of the legitimate things (“second) rotate around it. (“Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”)

      The goal of SoulCare is to ignite a greater love for the first thing (God – the highest love), and this is what it really matters! When one’s vision is centred on Him – the ‘second things’ no longer matters as much. With or without them, the love, joy and rest and peace of God doesn’t diminish.

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      The concept of first and second things really helps to put life into an eternal perspective. First things refers to God’s ultimate desire for me: a relationship with him that allows me to fully enjoy him. Second things refer to the things that I desire that align with what God really desires for me as well. Second things might be things that allow me to enjoy God, or they might be things that hinder me from enjoying God. In order to experience first things fully I will need to be willing to hold second things as desires and not as demands. The goal of soul care in relation to first and second things is to ignite a passion in the individual to pursue first things.

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      First and second things is a way to get your priorities aligned with your purpose for living. We were created to give God glory and bear His image. First things are the things that need to come first. Second things are nice, desired, but not essential to salvation or drawing closer to Christ. The goal of Soul Care is to go on a journey with someone and agree to discovering the roots and highest desires to be Christ like as our goal.

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