Define the two distinctives of spiritual direction in your own words.

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      MARIE G.

      Spiritual Direction Non- Believer, Those who do not put there trust in God, is self-centered and like filthy rags.
      Spiritual Direction to a Believer- Those who are believers in Christ, there is goodness waiting to be released, and trust that the Spirit is working within his or her spiritual life.

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      Based upon sound biblical theology
      Lived out through sanctification – a release of a regenerated life in Christ.

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      1) Because of the work of Jesus Christ inside a believer, there is a goodness waiting to be released inside of each believer. We can trust the goodness within a believer and trust that the Spirit is working inside of them.

      2) Any hint or inclination toward goodness that appears in a non-believer is false in God’s judgement of righteousness-because it is self-centered and like filthy rags. It cannot be trusted.

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      Spiritual direction will either lead a non-Christian to conversion and to lead a Christian to seeing the good desires in them that are waiting to be released.

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      Our Daily Bread
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