Describe a few specific, practical applications from the Sermon on the Mount that you can live out in your life. Are you already living these out? If so, explain how. If not, how might you go about doing so?

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      Jenny Lauterbach

      One practical application is aiming to be a peacemaker in my family. I oftentimes can become self-righteous and selfish which leads to division and arguments. I have gone through phases with this where I do well but recently I could do better. I have been seeking God’s help to cultivate a more nurturing and peaceful environment for my family.

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      From the teaching about forgiveness, the glory of the work of God is not in shaming, gossiping, dragging your name through the mud; rather it is in forgiveness. In the mess of sin that we find ourselves, JC comes along with this prayer to ask for forgiveness. It isn’t to clean up your mess of sin and then ask forgiveness. And then when we use the knowledge and wisdom of God to take a hard look at sin, we should rightfully let Him be the ultimate judge, consider our own sin, help point others to Jesus and His work of forgiveness and seek in our own lives to do what Jesus does best – forgive!

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      I need to be more humble and loving in dealing with family members.

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      I don’t believe these are suggestions, but commands made in the sermon on the mount. We are to be meek, we are to be peacemakers, etc. Then the blessings comes with being. Didn’t say it was easy, but all the things that represent the rewards are attainable in obedience. Jesus speaks to his disciples post sermon on the mount, which may have been made to them and then them to the masses since Jesus calls them away and speaks, but I believe we are called to pursue doing all these things. The way I speak to others, carry myself, show compassion, etc. all things I can do every single day by intentionality.

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      Matthew 7:1-5
      When I began to understand this teaching of Jesus I experienced intense personal pain and repentance. I became aware of the ugliness in myself when I judged others. It was pride. I was better than others. I knew more than others. I was right and they were wrong. It was ugly, un-Christlike. As I repented and asked for help I found I could see more clearly; not into the sin of others but into their struggle being the same one I have. My impatience began being replaced with compassion.

      Matthew 7:24-27
      This has been changing slowly for me. I did not grow up in a Godly home and most of the churches I attended did not teach the importance of hearing the words of Jesus and doing them! People cry “legalism” when I try to talk about this, and I am accused of trying to bring others in bondage. But I am slowly beginning to see the difference between a “ticket to heaven” and living in the freedom and abundant life Jesus wants to give me.

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      Our Daily Bread
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