Describe a trip on which you began to feel threatened by the travel experience. How does that compare to the threats encountered by people who traveled in Bible times?

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      In 2005, I flew from Tulsa, OK, to Houston, TX. At that time I was 25 or so, and there was another rude guy approximately my age sitting next to me. I told him he was being rude. If he said one more thing to me I was going to elbow him in the stomach, and there would have been a fist fight on Southwest Airlines.

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      My travel doesn’t compare to the danger encountered by people in Bible times. Since most of my travel is by car, there are times when I’ve experienced car wrecks or dangerous driving conditions caused by other drivers or bad weather.

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      Years ago, I was traveling through southern Georgia. Traffic had been stopped by a group of KKK members. They were collecting money and stopped each car in front of me for a donation. I never rolled my window down. I prayed. After, what seemed to be eternity, they let me move on.
      Of course this doesn’t come close to the travelers of Biblical times, but I vowed to never go through that town again.

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        Wow, that is first real example of white supremacy I have heard thus far. I hope the left-wing Biden administration and FBI does not see your post.

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      I was taking a trip with an ecotour group to go to Sabah to see the hornbills, orangutans and pigmy elephants in the wild. I was worrying about mosquitoes, large crocodiles in the jungle…but as it turned out, that trip was one of the best experience of my travelling. The mosquitoes were not that much different from what we have in Florida. I think the key thread in the bible time is dehydration and the dangerous terrains.

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      I traveled to attend the Board meetings in different cities by air quite often. However, there were two unpleasant experiences associated with this mode of travel. Firstly, a sudden cancellation or delay of flight schedule would mean that we missed meetings that discuss important business issues. Secondly, the occasional air turbulence that we encountered is a frightening experience. Despite that, traveling in modern days is more secure and comfortable than those traveling in Bible times.

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