Describe in your own words the goals and activities of each of the following aspects of an intentional spiritual formation small group: Sacrament of Delight; Discipline of Truth; Opportunity to Hear; Call to Community; Emergence of Vision; The P.A.P.A. Prayer; The Fellowship of the Table. How might you incorporate such activities in a small group?

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      Delight – prayer shower over a particular individual.
      Truth – a sharing of one’s own learing from a passage/hearing from God/applying
      Hear – Lectio Divina
      Community – a person sharing their journeying reality & the story of the soul
      Vision – corporate discerning of the vision for that person
      PAPA Prayer: presenting (here’s where I am), attending (here’s how the Spirit has touched me today), purging (here’s what I’d like to let go off), approaching God
      Table – fellowship; unstructured time together

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      1. Sacrament of delight-allowing the Spirit to show you God’s delight of another individual
      2. Discipline of truth-sharing a Biblical scripture that has special meaning to you
      3. Opportunity to hear-Dr. Crabb suggests reading this particular scripture three times. First, just listen. Second time, what am I feeling inside. Third, what is God’s Spirit asking me to do?
      4. Call to community (swap stories). An opportunity to share a personal story
      5. Emergence of vision-how and where is the Spirit leading this person.
      6. PAPA prayer-presenting, attending, purging, and approaching (difficult for me to explain)
      7. Fellowship at the table-sharing a meal and catching up on life

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      1st. The sacrament of delight : the goal is to reflect the light of God’s delight in another. You can randomly choose one individual and then ask the Lord what about this person is causing Him to sing…share that with that person…perhaps in written form.
      2nd. The discipline of truth : Instead of beginning with personal sharing, you move to one individual sharing with the group a passage of Scripture that has impacted them.
      3rd. The opportunity to hear : from the passage that has been shared the group has one individual read the passage while everyone listens in a spirit of meditation. The first reading you listen for a phrase that the Spirit of God speaks to you about. The second time the passage is read you listen for what is going on inside of you, for a particular feeling or image. The third time the passage is read you listen for how the Spirit may be moving you to act on the passage.
      4th. The call to community : In this phase the group provides an extended time for one person to invite the others to know…explore…discover…touch them. This individual invites the others and shares their story while the group…provides safety…respectfully probes…joyfully affirms…wisely offers what is stirring in their own hearts.
      5th. The emergence of vision : As the group shares with the individual who has shared the Spirit gradually develops a vision of who He sees them becoming as He transforms them into the image of Christ
      6th. The P.A.P.A. prayer : by Presenting prayer…Attending prayer…Purging prayer…Approaching prayer the individulaas in the group close the small group time by praying with open eyes where they are and where they long the Spirit to move them.
      7th. The fellowship of the table : the evening closes with the group gathered around the table and and just enjoying each other ans allowing the conversation to go where the Spirit leads…it can be just fun and shallow at this point.

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      1) The Sacrament of Delight: Take time to listen to what God delights in a person and write it down to share with them.
      2) The Discipline of Truth: Spend time sharing passages from the Bible that group member’s have meditated on and heard from that week.
      3) The Opportunity to Hear: Meditate together on a passage (3-10 verses). read 3 times. During first reading, listen do a phrase or word that stands out. Discuss. During second, listen to image or idea that stands out. Discuss. During the 3rd time, ask what is the Spirit moving ,e to do or moving me toward?
      4) The Call to Community: A time for others to share their story and for other members to ask questions.
      5) The emergence of Vision: Ask “Where is the Holy Spirit leading this person?” Don’t try to fix!!
      6) The PAPA prayer: present to God where you are, tell him where you’ve sense his presence and where you wished you sensed his presence, tell God what is getting in the way of listening to him or walking with him.
      7) The Fellowship of The Table-eat a meal together and talk-can be light or whatever it becomes.

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      Teh Sacrament of Delight is spending time “eavesdropping” on God about a member of the group, hearing what He has to say about his persona and what He is singing about over them. In the Discipline of Truth one member shares a portion of passage that has been meaningful to him/her in the past week/month. He shares what was meaningful to him and teaches it to the others. during the Opportunity to Hear, the passage is read three or four times while the rest listen for a phrase, an image and after the third reading a call to action that the Spirit is laying on their heart. During the Call to Community one member shares where they are on the journey, allowing the others to know, discover, explore and touch her life. In Emergence of Vision, we envision what is happening in the life of another member and where we see God leading them in the future. With the PAPA prayer, the members present themselves to Go, attend to the God’s presence, invite purging of their souls and finally with hands joined, approach God. Lastly, the Fellowship of the Table is to gather around a meal without any formal agenda and enjoy one another’s company and the food!

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      Sacrament of Delight: We delight in each other and we delight in the Lord. Eavesdrop on what God is saying.
      Discipline of Truth: Meditating on verses in the Bible. Sharing what the passage has meant to me in the past week.
      Opportunity to Hear: To be able to Hear from God Himself, very deeply and very meaningfully. We hear what the Spirit is saying, it quiets our souls.
      Call to Community: Listen to other peoples stories; know, explore, discover, and touch one other person. Light of the Big Story.
      Emergence of Vision: Sharing, not fixing, or make things better. We are in tune with the Holy Spirit, What is the vision He has for this person, as He continues to move in their lives?:
      P.A.P.A.: P: Presenting Prayer. A: Attending; P: Purging; A: Approaching Prayer- Present our Prayer in the presence of God, Attending Saints, Hearts be purged from sin, thoughts, words, and deeds. Journey together toward His glorious vision.
      Fellowship of the Table: Group shares a meal; but the main point is to have fellowship. Continue on the journey of Soul Care one person at a time.
      To be able to incorporate such activities; It is a group that is disciplined under the revealed Word of God.

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      1. Sacrament of Delight: Delight in each other, as we delight in the Lord. Eavesdrop what the Lord maybe saying
      2. Discipline of Truth: Tell us the Word of God comes alive in your life this week? (a delight, a light in darkness, …)
      3. Opportunity to hear: Read the passage and let the Word of God reaches the soul of the listeners
      4. Call to Community: Listen to one another’s stories in the light of the Big Story – know, explore, discover, touch
      5. Emergence of Vision: I ask that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, so that you may know the hope of His calling, the riches of His glorious inheritance in the saints, and the surpassing greatness of His power to us who believe.. (Eph 1:18-19)
      6. The PAPA prayer : Presenting our Prayers in the presence of God, with his attending saints, that our hearts may be purge of things that do not delight Him, and together we may journey towards His glorious vision.
      7. The Fellowship of the Table: Chill off over food in spontaneity

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