Describe in your own words these two deceptions that cause us to walk away from God. We think we need something other than God in order to be home. We believe we are walking towards God when we are walking away from Him. How have you experienced these deceptions in your life?

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      At times, it is my interruption of what I should be doing according to the bible teaching that causes me to think I am walking towards God and yet struggle from time to time to make sense of what’s going on and why there’s the gap.
      From above, my wanting to accomplish what I think would be required to stay on course to be closer to God had become the priority and pulled me away without my knowing until total exhaustion. Then I give up trying and in the quietness, begin to hear God’s voice again.

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      I feel, one of the things that stops us from going back home to God is putting petitionary prayer above all other ways of communicating with God. We are forever praying for God to heal us, to fix our marriage or kids, to give us a better job… We rarely show the wisdom or the courage to drop all that and just pray to be more focused on our need and desire to stay in the presence of God. Or, at least, just concentrate on asking God for the fruit of the spirit. Thus, we keep ourselves fixated on our wordly problems, feeling needy and abandoned by God. With that, comes the obsession of trying to fix things on our own. We sing about God’s love in church but we never allocate time to just sitting quietly, contemplating God’s love and actually experiencing it. I’ve experienced this pattern in my own life many many times before.

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      We think we need something other than God in order to be home:
      I liked the illustration about US going out for a walk, where God is at home. Our flesh and this broken world lead us to believe that we can find comfort and fulfillment in something physical, or a relationship in this world. I’m struggling greatly with this lately; I’ve had some disappointments and feel disillusioned with some things that have happened recently in my life, and I am feeling crushed with depression. I know that those “things” are not ultimately important, I’m holding far too tightly to second things. It’s been a struggle to fight against my demands and disappointments.

      We believe we are walking towards God when we are walking away from Him:
      As he spoke about this, it brought me to tears. I’ve gone through a season where my spiritual desire and journey has been growing, and my desire is to seek God in everything I do. I have cut out a lot of things that I’ve felt convicted draw me away from God (certain music, most entertainment, keeping my mind pure and my home filled with only things that would glorify God), I spend most of my free time learning from preachers and teachers. Yet, somehow, even though I’ve walked a higher level of obedience and spirituality this past couple years, I have been hit with this feeling that I have maybe been walking toward things (morality, understanding, education) more than the actual heart of God. All the things I’ve walked toward are about Him, they reflect Him or glorify Him, but I may not actually be walking toward HIM and rather toward the things that make it feel like I’m on the right path. It’s so nuanced, it was difficult to recognize.

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      I have experienced a time in my life that I felt that if I only had (blank on purpose) that would complete me. I had no idea that I was actually rejecting God. I still prayed and attended church and even prayed for God’s direction but I was involved in sinful behavior. I didn’t think that I had changed spiritually. Looking back on it, I walked away from God and was deceived in my beliefs.

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      I have felt such an emptiness inside that I have believed that I need something other than God in order to be home, something other than God to feel full and complete. This is a grand deception. In reality, I have learned that it is by letting these empty spaces open that I experience God’s provision, His care, His presence.

      I have also experienced when I thought I was walking towards God by trying to fulfill what I thought my responsibilities were (e.g., working hard to provide for my family, being active in church leadership, etc.), but in reality I was walking away from Him because I was not living in active relationship with Him and dialoging with Him about what He wanted me to do.

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      “God help those who help themselves!” We need to initiate the move before God can help us! A lie! God initiates! God waits! God woos us back to Himself.

      “We are Christians only when visibly we are active in our service, or attendance in church!” A lie! As much as our fruit shows our interior heart, I was reminded of Samson. He walked away from God, towards Delilah, and even upon his death he was a “suicide bomber.” His name is recorded in the Hall of Faith!
      Our destiny in Christ is based on our faith in Him, and His grace – nothing of our doings – be it our piety, or practice.

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      I have experienced these great deceptions. Thinking that I was walking towards God when I was really walking away from Him and feeling like I needed something in addition to God, like God was not enough. One example is in job. I pray for God to help me do the things I want to do. Some of those things were leading me from God and causing me to invest time and energy in things that were not needed.

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      We look to other things to find satisfaction because we believe that God is withholding something good from us and that He is not enough. It goes back to the original sin the Garden of Eden. Eve too the fruit because she was afraid God was withholding something good from her and she believed she needed that thing to be truly satisfied, so she went after it for herself. We’ve all been doing this ever since. I definitely experience this on a daily basis and even when I’m aware of it, my flesh and the Spirit are battling it out.

      We often believe we are walking towards God when we are walking away from him because the things we’re doing look good and seem good and right. They may be, but the problem is we take good things and make them ultimate, and then they become idols and a false source of satisfaction. It is very easy for me to fall into this and to believe I’m doing pretty good because I’m studying the Bible and working in ministry.

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      Trying to be the best mother at all costs or trying to be the best wife and the expense of your relationship with God. These are the deceptions that cause you to not return home but walk away from God.

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