Describe, in your own words, ways in which John’s gospel is different from the Synoptic Gospels. Why are these differences important? How would our view of the Christ’s life and work be different without the gospel of John?

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      John’s gospel records Jewish celebration which signifies the span of time of Jesus’ ministry. He also wrote stories about Jesus that the Synoptic Gospels did not cover. The differences are important because it gave a wider and more accurate perspective of the time Jesus spent on earth. We would not have a deeper understanding of Jesus’ identity without the gospel of John.

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      John is much more of a reflective writer and chronologer of Jesus than the writer of the Synoptics. John gives multiple proofs of the deity of Jesus, important to counter the heresy of the day that continues into our time as well. But he also gives us glimpses of how people felt and interacted with Jesus, a beautiful picture of His humanity. This gives us a more complete picture of Jesus. Facts are fine, emotion is inviting. The 4 gospels will draw a seeker into the life of Jesus and then through the work of the Holy Spirit may become a child of God.

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      It locates much of Jesus’s ministry in Judaea, and the synoptic gospels are based on the birth story of Jesus, and also John’s also faces on Christ as the eternal word which becomes flesh. Because they tell two different stories that tell about Jesus’s life Which can be used to encourage people to minister or just learn about what Jesus’s life was. It may not be so easy to understand because everything has place and it fits perfectly.

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      It covers different time span than the others, it tells much of Jesus’ ministry in Judea, and it portrays Jesus discouraging on theological matters. John adds interpretive comments of his own to clarify Jesus’ motives. The Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John all tell the story of Jesus but from different view points. John makes his easier for everyone to understand. It may be not as easier to understand some of the stories.

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      John wants us to fully understand that Jesus is more than the Messiah that the Jews were looking for as a conqueror over the Roman oppression. He wants us to see Jesus as fully deity and God Himself thereby allowing us to understand the greatest gift ever offered a fallen humanity, salvation and eternal life.

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      John does not repeat similar events as represented in the Synoptic Gospels but focuses on sermons and “I Ams”. He did not want to show that the time involved was short but to elaborate on added events to show that Jesus showed his power for 3 years while on earth. We would read the other gospels and believe that the time Jesus spent going about His father’s business to be less, however Jesus had a 3 year ministry.

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