Describe righteous disobedience in your own words. Then provide an example of righteous disobedience, either that you’ve witnessed or that you’ve acted out yourself. Explain how it was righteous.

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      Righteous disobedience – an action against what is the “law”, but stands for God’s law
      I worked for a doctor who was arrested for his stand against abortion. His conviction was strong and spoke volumes to those around him. He stood up to what man had legalized, but what God calls murder.

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      Righteous disobedience is placing God law and expectation for us over the law and expectations of the world. It is part of the transformation process of Romans 12:1-2 where were are being transformed (to the pattern of the Kingdom) rather than conforming to the pattern of the world.

      As Christians we are called to righteous disobedience daily as we take our stand in one fashion or another against abortion, religious discrimination, immoral lifestyle and other sins against God which are legalized by our governmental systems. This also applies to socially accepted norms that violate God’s law. The stand we take against things such as social media behaviors that are socially acceptable but offensive to God.

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      Righteous disobedience is doing the God thing in direct defiance of leaders. I have found myself on the Godly disobedient side in relation to church. A needing to take a stand when I encounter a destructive behavior that is causing great damage to the church.

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      Righteous disobedience is disobedience to ways that are not Godly. The Canadian truckers in Ottawa are a recent example of this because their movement was peacefully in defense of liberty even though Canada’s child-like dictator, Trudeau, shut the movement down.

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      Righteous Obedience is disobedience to ways that are not of the Lord. I have experienced this in my life personally. I had some uncles that were living sinful lives and involved me in their lifestyle but once I realized what they were trying to do, I disobeyed them and walked away from it. One tried to tell my Mother that I disobeyed them, but when she found out why I did it, she understood.

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      Before the Lord saved me I was surrounded by people who would drink alcohol, smoke marijuana , but the Lord Jesus change my surrounding and the people I associate with. Even though many states find it perfectly alright to smoke marijuana and drinking alcohol, this is against God. We shouldn’t allow nor hang around anyone that has such a life style. Our bodies is the temple of the Lord and we must take care of it. My grandmother used to say don’t flirt with it.

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      Righteous disobedience is when you don’t follow man’s law because it goes against God’s law.
      An example would be speaking out against abortion.

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      Righteous disobedience is obeying God rather than Man. When Man’s laws contradict or go against God, this is the time to disobey. Righteous obedience is obeying both God and Man when both God’s laws and Man’s laws coincide. I recall Rahab lying to save the lives of the Israelite spies. Because of this, both she and her family lived after Jericho was taken. I recall the few instances when some German people hid Jewish people in direct disobedience to the Nazis.

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      Righteous disobedience is when you break some rules because they are not in accordance with God and His rule. We are called as Christians to pray for our Government, our President, our School Board, etc. However, when the laws of these governing bodies contradict God, we then must practice “righteous disobedience” and put God’s rule above all else. The people who rebelled against Nazis Germany would be examples of those who displayed “righteous disobedience”. Going against the Nazis Rule would be righteous disobedience because these people are standing up for the lives of those who did not have a voice.

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      It’s to do what’s right in the sight of God regardless of the rules against it. To witness and pray with someone in the workplace regardless of the rule that personal religious beliefs should not be discussed in the workplace.

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      I personally know of a person in the family church who wanted to behave against God’s word by defiling their marriage and requested their choice of actions be welcomed, accepted, and understood by clergymen, family, and congregants. A stand was made by family and some congregants against this request and they removed themselves from that church as a result. I would describe this as righteous disobedience. The group that felt it necessary to remove themselves from the group had already had their voices heard concerning the matter, how they didn’t agree with this tolerance. They were not persuasive to the clergy, however, and had been forced to make that decision to disassociate themselves.

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      Righteous disobedience can be described as a deliberate attempt to disobey a law introduced by the government as if it commands evil. It requires a Christian to act contrary to the clear teachings and requirements of God’s Word.
      My family members have always discouraged me from being a Christian as this is contrary to the religion being adopted by our ancestors. Despite the objection and warning, I have eventually been baptized and become a follower of Christ. The reason is simple. Jesus has had a profound impact on my life since I was young.

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